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Names of typical pergola components

Post Anchoring:

Your structure must be anchored securely to either a concrete slab, concrete footings, or a sufficiently anchored deck, as detailed below. We include post brackets with all of our pergola and pavilion kits. We also include post base moldings to hide post brackets from view.

Classic, Serenity, and Arched Cedar Pergola Kits: For most pergolas, in most environments, use our standard stainless steel post brackets (pergola anchors). Should you live in a high wind area or otherwise require extra stability we recommend heavy duty anchors.

Cedar & Vinyl Pavilion Kits: Use our standard L brackets (four per post) or our heavy duty anchors.

Structural Fiberglass Pergolas: For concrete, anchor your posts as shown in our assembly instructions. We include all necessary hardware with the kit. This schematic summarizes the arrangement.

To anchor to a deck, use our deck plates in varying diameters and sizes, such as our 8" Round or 10" Square. We include all hardware with the kit. This schematic depicts post anchoring to decks. 

For high wind areas, or for added strength and stability, we recommend our heavy duty anchoring system. We also require this for spans between posts of 18ft or more. 

Notes for deck anchoring: To anchor to a deck, bolt your post brackets or deck plates to the deck using supplied lag bolts. Bolt into the deck joists or to additional blocking that you place beneath the deck. Joists are wooden planks, typically 2"x6" or 2"x8", that the floorboards rest on. See this pic for a visual. Blocking is simply a piece of wood, say 6"x6"x24", that you may place beneath the deck if there is no joist where you want to bolt in the anchor.

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Classic, Serenity & Arched Cedar Pergola Assembly Manuals: 

Classic Cedar Instructions
Classic Cedar Wall-Mounted (Attached) Instructions
Cedar In-Line Instructions
Classic Vinyl Instructions
Classic Vinyl Wall-Mounted (Attached) Instructions
Vinyl In-Line Instructions
Homestead Pergola Instructions
Serenity Cedar Instructions
Serenity Cedar Wall-Mounted (Attached) Instructions
Serenity Vinyl Instructions
Arched Pergola Instructions
Wood Lattice Top Instructions
Lattice Wall Instructions
Vinyl Color Options

Cedar & Vinyl Pavilion Assembly Manuals:

Cedar Grand Pavilion Assembly Manual
Vinyl Traditional (Hip) Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual
Vinyl Gabled Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual
Cedar Traditional (Hip) Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual
Cedar Traditional (Hip) Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual - Stick Frame Version
Cedar Gabled Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual
Cedar Gabled Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual - Stick Frame Version
Metal Roof for Gable Roof Pavilion Assembly Manual
Vinyl Ceiling Option for Pavilions Assembly Manual

Structural Fiberglass Pergolas:

Structural Fiberglass Assembly Manual
Fiberglass Pergola Warranty
The Structural Fiberglass Revolution
Sample drawings and crate contents - Avondale Model 12x12
Wind Load Report 16x16 Pergola 90mph
Wind Load Report 16x16 Pergola 160mph
Fiberglass Anchoring System - Concrete
Fiberglass Anchoring System - Wood Deck
Fiberglass Anchoring System - 8in Round Deck Plate
Fiberglass Anchoring System - 10in Square Deck Plate
Fiberglass Anchoring System - Heavy Duty

Hampton Premium Vinyl Pergolas:

Pergolas 101
Structural Assembly Manual
Bracing Detail
Building Mounting Detail
Frame Mounting Detail
Post Mounting Detail
Stringer Mountain Detail
Single Beam Attached Installation Guide
Single Beam Free-Standing Installation Guide
Single Beam Overall Canopy
Double Beam Attached Installation Guide
Double Beam Free-Standing Installation Guide
Double Beam Overall Canopy
Structural Information


Infinity Canopies:

Infinity Canopy Brochure 
Infinity Canopy Warranty
Infinity Canopy Specifications
Infinity Canopy Configuration Options
Infinity Canopy Installation Manual
Infinity Canopy Installation Manual - Pulley System
Phifertex Cleaning Instructions
Phifertex Fire Rating
Sunbrella Specifications
Sunbrella Cleaning Instructions

Pergola Kits USA Canopies:

Pergola Kits USA Canopy Colors
Pergola Kits USA Canopy Installation Manual
Pergola Kits USA Canopy pictures here &

Helpful Information:

Pergola Kits USA Catalog
How to handle pavers
Crated orders ready to ship (image)
Assembler Guidance

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