Shipping & Returns

We ship all of our products anywhere within the USA's 48 contiguous states. 

How many days after I order will my pergola ship?

- Above times subject to your prompt approval of shop drawings (see below).
- Additional time is needed if you require engineered (sealed) drawings.
- Add 1-10 days to the above times for transit time to your home.
- Please do not make reservations with contractors or plan social events around
your structure, or plan/take days off from work, until your structure is delivered to your home.

Delivery times, whether published above or otherwise communicated to you, are estimates only. Although we strive to meet them, and do meet them for the overwhelming majority of orders, we cannot guarantee them. Production delays or trucking delays are possible. Please be prepared for this.

Shop Drawings

A day or two after you order, you will receive from us (via email) a set of shop drawings. Please review them and provide feedback to us. We will revise them according to your wishes. We will not begin production until you notify us you are satisfied with them.  

How will my structure be delivered?

Your pergola will be delivered to you in a large crate via one of our shop trucks or via independent motor freight carrier.

Shop truck delivery: We gently lower the crate off the back of a flat bed trailer. The crate is covered with industrial strength shrink wrap to protect it from the elements. If you cannot arrange to have helpers unload your structure piece by piece from a motor freight trailer (as described below), this flatbed option may be better suited to you. 

Motor freight delivery: If your pergola is shipped to you via motor freight, once your pergola or pavilion leaves the shop a tracking number will be assigned. We will forward this number to you, and you will be able to see the estimated delivery date by entering your tracking number into the courier website. For residential deliveries, the courier will call you to schedule a specific delivery time (e.g. 3-5pm on Monday, for example). Motor freight carriers deliver M-F 9:00 - 5:00pm. 

When your structure arrives

If we deliver your structure to you in a shop truck, we will lower the crate where you wish.

If we ship your structure to you via motor freight, you will be responsible for unpacking and unloading your pergola or pavilion piece by piece from the delivery truck at curbside. For pergolas, please arrange to have 2 able bodied individuals present to unload pieces when the delivery truck arrives at your location. For pavilions, please have four people.

Have wire cutters available to cut wire straps. Have a claw hammer or crowbar available to open a crate. The truck driver may not have tools, and is not required to and may be prohibited from helping you.

Pergola and pavilion kits typically may weigh between 500 and 2,000 lbs. in aggregate. A 12x12 red cedar pergola weighs approximately 690 lbs. Individual pergola pieces typically weigh between 0-30 lbs. A 6x6 square cedar post 8ft tall weighs approx. 30 lbs. Vinyl and fiberglass components are lighter than wood timbers. Pavilions may have individual pieces weighing up to 75 lbs.

Unloading may take you as little as 10 minutes to unload your structure from the truck, or as much as an hour, depending on the number of people unloading, their fitness level, the size of the structure, the weight of the components, and how far you carry the components from the truck. Two people can unload a 10x12 red cedar pergola in 10 minutes.

To make unloading faster, we highly recommend you stack the components as nearest to curbside as possible. Once the truck has left, move them to your backyard. You will have to dissemble the crate and take it off the truck.

Atypical delivery locations

Please inform us of atypical delivery locations at time of purchase, and inform the freight company upon receipt of the tracking number, such as dirt roads, limited access, etc. so that we may confirm delivery capability and charges with the freight company. You agree to accept any additional freight costs if you request a re-routing of your delivery after merchandise has left our warehouse. All freight and delivery costs are pre-paid at the time of purchase. There should be no need to pay additional amounts to the freight company, unless you have re-routed your delivery after it has left our warehouse.

Damaged Products

Significant damage during transit to your home is rare. Occasionally there will be minor damage (e.g. a chipped timber). Simply notify us of this damage and we will send you a replacement part at no cost to you. For any damage that occurs in transit, we will work with you to supply you with replacement pieces at no cost so that your pergola can be assembled in new condition.


Cancellations made two weeks or more after the payment date will not be honored. However, we will refund you 33% of your purchase price.  


Returns are extremely rare. In the past five years, we've only had one return. This was due to a shipping issue which we have since rectified.

We invest lots of time upfront working with you to make sure we understand 100% what you want. Then we deliver on our promise.

If we shipped you a product different than what you ordered, you may return the product at no cost or charge to you.

If your product arrives damaged in a state that cannot be repaired to new condition with new parts supplied by us free of charge, and your product is a standard model, you may return the product at no cost or charge to you.

Returns of standard models for other reasons are accepted subject to a 30% restocking fee, with purchasers to pay for return freight. Custom orders, due to the unique nature of the design, are not saleable and therefore are not-returnable.

Our pergolas are made from highly durable structural materials, designed to withstand years of exposure to the elements. We warranty our cedar and vinyl structures for 10 years, and warranty our fiberglass designs for life.

Retractable fabric canopies are not returnable, however they are warrantied for five years.

Thank you very much for considering us.

The Team at Pergola Kits USA


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