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Pergola Kits USA Inc. designs and sells ready-to-assemble pergola and pavilion kits. We ship our kits nationwide to homeowners, to the trade, and to commercial entities such as schools, companies, and municipalities.

We offer countless sizes and options. In fact, we offer kits in any conceivable size and height.

If you choose one of our standard designs (e.g. Classic Pergola, Grand Cedar Pavilion, etc.), and your size is a rectangle or square, we do not charge a customization fee. For example, if you order a 13'-5" x 14'-1" structure, the price would be the same as a 14x14.

Many of our customers have purchased custom or oversize shade structures, again shipped and delivered to you in a ready-to-assemble kit form.

We focus exclusively on pergolas and pavilions (i.e. patio covers). Nothing else distracts us.

Our pergolas are hand crafted from the best available materials sourced exclusively from the USA. Nothing is imported. We offer many options including rafter tail profiles, stains, post type, etc.

We are a family-owned business. If you call us, there is a good chance you will speak with an owner. But every day we compete with the big box home improvement chains. To win your business, we provide personalized service and hundreds of sizes that no big box retailer will venture to touch.

We maintain locations and/or staff in New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. We ship our structures to you factory direct from several shops, each of which focuses on their own specialty.

The shop in Pennsylvania fabricates structures out of Western Red Cedar. This shop also fabricates structures of vinyl and PVC. The shop in Alabama fabricates pergolas out of structural fiberglass. All shops are staffed by skilled carpenters with decades of experience, dedicated to making the best structures they can for you.

Call us at 1-800-403-9259. If you have questions during your search for a pergola or pavilion, we would love to help you. Without you, we wouldn’t be here, and we remind ourselves of that every day.


The Team at Pergola Kits USA

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