• 12x18 fiberglass w/ retractable canopy

    by Richard Walker of Hingham, MA on 8/11/17
    We love the pergola and canopy. It has given us the flexibility to use our outdoor space for many additonal hours of the day. We have the option of moving furniture to create an outdoor dining room or living room.
    The pergola gives a refined, finished look to our bluestone patio and we would highly recommend this product. Structurally sound and very attractive.
    The delivery was right on time and very professional. The materials were easy to move and lightweight.
  • 10'4" x 10'4" fiberglass

    by Duke Mihajlovic of Cambridge, WI on 8/10/17
    It's solid and stunning.
    We had not anticipated that the trucking company was unable to unload it. The trucking company held it for us till we could pick it up with a trailer. We hired contractor's to assemble it for us.
  • Serenity cedar w/ retractable canopy

    by Anna Kozlova of Morgan Hill, CA on 8/8/17
    The pergola is absolutely gorgeous!!! Fred was always available to help with a question about product itself, shipment, and installation. It feels like an oasis under the canopy. I got red cedar pergola.
    It is not only beautiful but smells really nice too. Couldn't be happier!! !
    The delivery company was able to unload the pergola without issues. Installation took about two days. I did have additional posts cemented deep in to the ground due to the high winds in the area. Also got the canopy and electrical kit.
  • 11x13 vinyl pavilion open gable

    by Michael Carpenter of Massapequa, NY on 8/4/17
    I think it's very well made. Fred was very helpful on the phone and on the chat. It went together nicely. Seems we're perfect fit. I have shown it to my neighbors and friend and they all said they loved it.
    Delivery had no issues and assembly was very good. We did it with 3 guys.
  • 10x12 vinyl classic

    by Dale Smith of Lewis, DE on 7/30/17
    We have really enjoyed it. It was made of solid material and we expect that it will last many years.
    Our only compliant is that the assembly instructions where not very detailed. The online videos helped some, but there is no attached videos which made it difficult at times. It would have been great to have a little more direction.
  • 10 x 10 x 14 serenity triangle

    by Clarence Johnson of Los Angeles, CA on 7/28/17
    It is fantastic. It is really stunningly beautiful. My friends and neighbors love it. It was a custom triangle design that had to match up perfectly with the footings I installed in advance.
    The pergola was designed well and matched up exactly with the footings. My friends are envious. I had a group over for July 4 of this year. At least 3 of my friends are now planning to install a pergola. I recommended Pergola Kits USA to them.
    Delivery was straight-forward. Assembly was easy. Everything aligned.
  • WRC hip

    by Robert Stellaccio of Spring, TX on 7/22/17
    I like it
    Delivery went well. My friend did most of installation over a 6 week period. For structure this size you need 3 able body guys to do it quickly. Staining took some time. Maybe would have been better to specify stain i wanted (olympic maximum naturale cedartone 6yr warenty) and pay extra for shop to do. Had to dismantle the big 3 board headers in order to reduce weight for handling. Glad we did rooiing ourselves as lifting shingled segments to place would not have been possible. Did not use anchors sent. I had to make footings and used J rodbolts instead. Did not get 4 hurricane straps as expected but OK with that. Certaintly appreciated all the technical assistance provided. Note that a fit up drawing of the hip rafter and ridge would be useful.
  • trated pine

    by - of - on 7/21/17
    Everything went exceptionally smooth! We loved the step by step instructions, very easy to put together! Delivery was excellent
  • Western Red Cedar.

    by - of - on 7/20/17
    Well done. High quality wood and kit components
    Delivery and assembly went very smoothly.
  • fiber glass

    by - of - on 7/19/17
    I am so pleased to have found the Pergola Kits USA website. The information was extremely helpful in making the decision to purchase. The pictures and tools made it so much easier to visualize how it would look in our design.
    Our pergola looks beautiful and completes the look and feel of our patio.
    Delivery and assembly were so smooth and easy. Everything went together as designed in a matter of hours.
  • Three classic pergolas

    by Drew Alexander of Lancaster, CA on 7/15/17
    We were impressed with the engineering and quality. They are truly the centerpieces of our yard. The installation was simple and smooth. Truly amazed at the whole experience.
    Assembly was as straight forward and simple a possible. Instructions were solid and every piece of hardware, fastener's and drivers were included. Delivery was handled pretty well and the drivers were spectacular.
  • Western Red Cedar-

    by - of - on 7/15/17
    It's gorgeous! The structure is sturdy and is exactly proportioned as we requested. Beyond the structure, Fred was fantastic to work with and remained in contact with us throughout the entire process. Everyone loves it!
    I have recommended Pergola USA to many friends!! One couple is actively seeking quotes.
    Assembly was done by my husband and myself! Instructions were clear, pieces marked, and predrilled holes were in perfect alignment!! Please note that I was told this delivery service is no longer used by Pergola USA. Road Runner delivery was detestable. They sent it to the wrong address - wrong city. Then it took weeks for them to correct their mistake and deliver here. On top of everything else, they neglected to contact prior to the delivery. This is no reflection on anyone but Road Runner and I was informed that their services are no longer being used.
  • Western' Red Cedar

    by Patrick Michael of - on 7/13/17
    excellent kit well designed
    shipped in very good condition
  • Western Red Cedar..

    by - of - on 7/13/17
    It is solid. Pretty easy to construct. Made with good quality materials. Everyone is amazed at how nice it looks.
    Delivery took a little longer than expected. Assembly went well.
  • Vinyl

    by - of - on 7/12/17
    Best decision to upgrade the look of our backyard. Everyone loves it!
    Delivery was done well. Assembly was tough as instructions were not clear at all times.
  • Western Red CedarÂ…

    by - of - on 7/12/17
    this was a great move on our part. frames the patio wonderfully
    Perfect. I shocked the world by doing it myself. my contractor wanted $2000.
  • Wester n Red Cedar

    by - of - on 7/12/17
    Looks beautiful in my backyard. Easy to install.
    Delivery was very easy. Truck driver delivered pallet right into my garage for storage.
  • backyard pergola

    by - of - on 7/12/17
    Love the final product. Just what we were looking for. Adds the perfect ambience to our pool setting.
    Delivery was timely and the crew very helpful. Assembly was a challenge even with two craftsmen- instructions were lacking, but got it done nonetheless
  • Serenity triangle, cedar

    by - of - on 7/10/17
    We absolutely love our pergola. It adds great appeal to our yard. We hosted two large parties since it was built and it is the first thing that people have noticed and we have gotten so many compliments! Everyone loves it.
    I have already referred one person to your company and others have been asking as well.
    Delivery and assembly went off without a hitch! The crew was there on time, and got to work immediately. They were pleasant and professional and were done in about 3 or 4 hours! Great work ethic!! A very good experience overall.
  • 10x12 classic cedar

    by Anne Mitsoda of Kenmore, WA on 6/26/17
    I think it's very sturdy and beautiful - it definitely stands out in the yard. Although some might prefer something that gives shade, for me it's absolutely perfect.
    We've twined hops up it that wave in the sun, and little solar fairy lights that gleam at night. It's exactly what I hoped for. While it was being put together - not even completed - a neighbor walking by actually yelled OH MY GOD!""
    aloud, and instantly started asking me where we got it. Now it's together and every person that sees it has given us very variant of it looks great!" under the sun. It's a lot of fun."
    The delivery was quick - I was kept well informed about the timing - and the drivers unloaded and helped me unpack it, even though they were under no obligation to do so. It was a very welcome help!
  • Vinyl classic

    by Kay Jones of Southport, NC on 6/20/17
    excellent purchase and capital improvement to my home. I love the filtered light, it gives an open space some dimension and comfort; created a usable outdoor relaxation area.
    I use that space every single day..perfect for a single woman to entertain drop in neighbors.
    delivery was OK, assembly took a skilled carpenter and myself two full days ... lots of measuring and checking measurement to make sure it was going to attach correctly. Directions were excellent. Amazed with the end result of ordering online and seeing the actual finished product
  • 25 X 16 Serenity Cedar

    by Donna Boeggeman of Pittsburgh, PA on 6/12/17
    We researched Pergola kits and pre- built structures for a full year before deciding on Pergola Kits USA. From our first inquiry to the final delivery, we couldn't have been happier. Fred was so patient and informative with all of our questions.
    We were building a large structure and had many questions. Fred was so helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way. Our finished pergola is absolutely beautiful. The delivery and craftsmanship of the product was perfect.
    My husband built the unit by himself in a litle over 2 days. Our unit was 25 X 16 and went up without a hitch. The attention to detail was evident as he assembled the Pergola.
    We have received many comments from friends,family and neighbors on how beautiful the Pergola looks on our patio. It is not only functional for providing shade, but it is a beutiful addition to our home.
    The quality of the product and the beautiful mahogany finish is perfect.
    We live on a dead end street that is off of another dead end street, so we were initially concerned about the delivery of the pergola. Fred assured us that we wouldn't have a problem. The delivery man phoned us the morning of the delivery with updates on time. The delivery was not only on time, but was completed in less than 20 minutes. The product was packaged properly, water tight and without any missing parts or pieced. My husband has been a tradesman carpenter for 40 years and said the kit was so well put together and thought out that it practically built itself. We couldn't be happier!
  • WRC

    by - of - on 6/6/17
    It turned out better than we had planned. Everything fit together perfectly!
    Delivery was a little hard to nail down, as their third party shipping companies expect you to help unload, or you will have to extend delivery time while they try to find another option. This added a few months on to my order. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this was out of Pergola Kit USA's control, and Fred did everything he could to make sure our pergola arrived, after it made it out of his hands. He was a great rep that provided excellent customer service.
  • 22'8" x 7'2" fiberglass wall mounted

    by Charlotte Ording of Key West, FL on 4/3/17
    This was the best decision I've ever made! We have a very narrow deck behind out house. It gets tons of sun which also shines through the french doors into our dining area. Being an old Key West house, there is nothing straight or plumb.
    The deck is a bit narrower at one end. The roof line drops a bit from one end to the other. There were gutters to consider and wall sconces. We had to have a perfect fit because we have a fence on two sides. Yikes! we thought.
    But we gave all this impossible information to Fred and he crafted the perfect pergola. We went with an awning, too, to get maximum shade. It meant we could skip window treatments on the french doors and just pull the outside awning for shade.
    We installed before Hurricane Irma. Our only concession to the storm was to take down the canvas pieces, which is easy to do. The pergola itself was fine. After 2 years, it looks brand new and we enjoy it every day.
    As I mentioned, we discovered measurement differences as we went along and Fred adjusted every time we found another problem. It was simple to do on our part and he was very responsive. The pergola was shipped on schedule. The long pieces are about 25' long, so the crate was long and fairly heavy. The delivery driver wouldn't help unload but we had a handy man and his helper here to get the crates off the truck and uncrate. There were crates to dispose of after. I wish this review would let me share more than 1 photo because the deck is amazing now!
  • Vinyl pavilion hip roof 11x17

    by Dave Farrington of Shohola, PA on 3/20/17
    It's beautiful from top to bottom. From plan through delivery to installation, Fred was on top of it. I recommend this company without reservation.
    Every part went together perfectly. Easy up.
  • 13x20 classic cedar

    by Sean Scanlon of Stamford, CT on 2/7/17
    Seems sturdy, looks great, all who have seen it like it
    I had a carpenter put it up, it took 28 manpower hours to assemble
  • 14-5 x 20-0 fiberglass

    by Marion Morgan of Madison, WI on 1/1/17
    The pergola structure is strong with very clean lines. My family and neighbors LOVE the look of the pergola.
    I matched the color to the house and it really created a feel of the pergola being and extension of the home and provides a lovely outdoor living space.
    The delivery and assembly was smooth. Pergola Kits USA kept us informed of the delivery process and timeline.
  • Classic Premium Vinyl Double Beam 14'x 10' Free Standing

    by Richard Motha of Dartmouth, MA on 12/23/16
    I am extremely pleased with your product. It's absolutely perfectly beautiful. My home is located on a noticeable corner; all the neighbors are very impressed as to how attractive my pergola is.
    The delivery was quite remarkable. It's a good thing I had a large delivery area since the truck was huge & this whole pergola was wrapped in one huge, long, heavy package and with only one man making the delivery, it would have been impossible. But, myself, my sister, and the driver managed to get this incredibly heavy pergola off the truck without damaging it. Assembly went so smoothly; it took a while but worth the time. I had to add extra stabilizing 4 x 4 vinyl covered posts & railings (attached to the front columns)since the wind would cause the structure to move/rock. This pergola was assembled on my 16' x 16' composite deck. There was still movement even though I added additional wood to secure the 4 base bolts. This addition not only stopped the swaying but added a finishing touch"."
  • 18x14 Vinyl gable roof

    by Mike Desrosiers of Indian Rocks Beach, FL on 12/2/16
    Now that it's up, It's great and we use it daily
    The delivery was great. The assembly was dificult with only 3 people. The roof panels needed to be cut to the correct size but once done, the finishing work was a piece of cake. We did damage a couple of vinyl parts to which the company replaced at no cost. The main change I would like to see is the roof panels be a smaller and easier to lift up.
  • Classic Cedar - 12 X 24

    by Lorelei Berg of Troy, MI on 11/21/16
    We are thrilled with the pergola. Well designed and constructed. Because of the large size (12 X 24), we ordered it with 10 foot posts. This gives it a better proportion, and also makes it look quite grand.
    Our pergola serves a synagogue congregation of 300 families. Everyone who sees it is amazed! For those who are familiar with Jewish holidays, our pergola also serves as our sukkah. During Succoth.
    we attach twelve 4 x 8 wood lattice panels around three sides of the pergola and decorate it. It works beautifully for us in this fashion.
    Delivery was excellent. The kit arrived with the wrong size posts, and Pergola Kits USA expedited shipment of replacement posts. Otherwise, all components were present and correct. Instructions were clear. My one suggestion would be to include a photo showing how to install the return beams. It took us a while to figure it out!
  • 16x16 arched

    by - of - on 11/9/16
    We were specifically looking for an arched roof and so we are happy to find this one. Everyone loves it.
    The delivery was a little difficult since we have a curved/sloped driveway. We ended up breaking all of the boxes down and walking all of the pieces up the driveway.
  • 28x19 Vinyl classic pergola wall-mounted

    by Jody Sheldon of Porter Corners, NY on 11/5/16
    I was amazed at how wonderful this company was to work with. Fred was very prompt in his email responses and wonderful about making the changes I requested.
    we wanted as much shade as possible so Fred suggested using the larger slats. What a great recommendation. Overall an amazing experience and product.
    We love our pergola. We were able to easily hang curtains and lights from the structure. It does an amazing job providing shade and looks beautiful.
    I have given many different people the website address for the company because they loved our pergola so much. People say that it makes it look like we have a huge room on the back of the house. They like the idea of no maintenance as well.
    The product was shipped on time and provided amazing assembly instructions. I had a local contractor assemble it and he stated that it was very easy to do because of the instructions. The pictures in the instruction booklet and hand written notes made it dummy proof. It definitely takes the number of hours stated to assemble. Fred was fantastic to work with. One of the pieces came damaged and he had a new piece sent out immediately at no charge.
  • 14x14 Serenity Cedar

    by Eugene Schend of Kenosha, WI on 10/27/16
    I am very pleased with the Pergola I ordered. It was a very wise choice and have no regrets. My only concern is with the treated red cedar. I ordered the option to seal the wood at the factory rather than sealing and treating the wood myself.
    Now 10 months later the wood has faded and I have to seal the wood again. My expectation was that the sealer would have lasted longer than 10 months. I also have one rafter (2x6)that is warped when I assembled the Pergola.
    I receive many compliments on my Pergola. The aesthetics, form and overall appearance are quite impressive.
    The delivery was exceptional. I was very impressed with the packaging and delivery. The packaging actually exceeded my expectation. The assembly was quite smooth, with the exception of one warped rafter. The instructions are spot on.
  • Cedar Pergola Kit 10 x 16

    by Mark Oveson of Louisville, CO on 10/7/16
    Easy to build and nicely thought out. Looks custom; you would never know it's a kit. Lots of compliments from neighbors and passers by.
    Very difficult to unload. The FedEx Freight guy had no idea how he was going to get it off his truck. We had to be innovative and managed to slide it out without breaking anything, but it took a big floor jack and some significant time. At one point the driver was determined to take it back to the freight depot and make me pick it up there. Assembly was easy, and everything went together as expected. I was short a few screws for one or two items, but I made do with screws I had around the garage. The only quality concern I have is with the decorative footers. The footer cap pieces were a few degrees off of 45, so they didn't come together very well. And they were quite a bit too long, which resulted in a significant gap between the cap pieces and the posts. Overall very happy with the product.
  • 16x16 Premium Vinyl Pavilion Traditional Roof

    by Lea Drury of Baltimore, OH on 10/6/16
    We are very happy with our pavilion. Service was great. Everyone was very helpful. The price beat the competitors as well. Our neighbors all have commented how nice it looks and some have asked where we purchased it from.
    Delivery was very easy. We hired Pergola Kits USA to install. Price was reasonable and the end product is beautiful.
  • custom fiberglass

    by Heidi Lucaralli of Fitchburg, WI on 9/30/16
    I think they look beautiful, and it's wonderful how the pergola can be customized to be just the way you like it! Fred and the team at Pergola Kits USA were very helpful!! !
    Delivery was smooth and assembly was done by the builders who built our deck, and they thought that it went well!
  • 25'x15' gable roof

    by Jose Gill of San Jose, CA on 8/27/16
    Pergola material and handcraftship is top notch. Lots of positive compliments from friends.
    Delivery crew very courteus and professional. My Pergola was not assembled by Pergolakitusa crew. I did brought to their attention to better organize hardware and to include assembly instructions hard copy
  • 10x12 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Laura Ambler of Woodbury, CT on 8/8/16
    We just finished installing our Classic Cedar pergola, and we love it. It truly finishes off and dresses up our paver patio. I highly recommend this product to all amateur carpenters!
    The delivery was impeccable, the packing was brilliant, and the kit and assembly instructions were straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Custom Sized Arched Cedar Pergola

    by - of - on 8/7/16
    Great quality pieces with accurately cut parts and pre-drilled holes.
    The delivery was fantastic! Everything was all in one box and delivered to our driveway unharmed. Because we ordered a custom size, the directions were not exact and that is my only criticism. However, I sent my feedback which was graciously accepted. The company was responsive and easy to work with.
  • cedar kit

    by - of - on 8/6/16
    Excellent craftsmanship! Highly recommended!
    It was very straightforward to assemble.
  • Classic vinyl pergola

    by Victor Simonelli of Dix Hills, NY on 7/30/16
    Excellent, but I had a very professional installer, who did a great job. Definitely not a job for an amateur. Practical and attractive looks beautiful against my house, It solves a long runnnig problem of too much sun on the western exposure.
    There was some cutting and adjustments made in places where it should have not been necessary, if the specs were followed exactly. The canopy I purchased does the job of cutting down the sun light, but was expensive and is hard to clean. At the end of the season, October, I took it down and brushed vigorously with soap and water, but could not get the some of the dirt stains out. On balance, I regret spending the money for the canopy.
  • 15'-9" x 15"-11" White vinyl pergola kit

    by Jill O'Dea of Victor, NY on 7/18/16
    The kit looks great, much better than the standard wood pergolas, and is maintenance free. Fred was very helpful reviewing the design and measurements with me to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted.
    We ordered extra purlins for additional shade and love it.
    We hired a contractor to assemble and it seemed to go together well, although we were missing some screws and caps when the initial shipment was delivered. A quick call to Fred and the parts were sent overnight the next day.
  • 14ft x18ft Fiberglass Pergola Kit

    by Jennifer Vachon of Barrington, RI on 6/30/16
    Completely satisfied with the pergola kit! It is very well made and looks amazing at the far end of our pool. Very happy with this beautiful, permanent fixture as part of our overall landscaping!
    Product was delivered on time as scheduled after I placed the order. The crate it was packed in was enormous but was fairly easy to open and the kit parts were easy take off the truck. We had a very experienced builder, my husband, and a friend construct the pergola. It took almost a full day. No issues at all. Make sure the person installing it is qualified.
  • Special order: Red Cedar, 9x16

    by Dolores Miller of Knoxville, TN on 6/30/16
    I was extremely pleased with the quality and finishing of the wood.
    The young Amish boys that delivered and set-up my pergola were polite/friendly and very efficient in set- ting up the pergola.
  • Avondale 12X12

    by - of - on 6/24/16
    Product is quality and impressive once assembled.
    Easy to install The only concern is pictures show a mounted ceiling fan directly to the center rafter and the mount Pergola USA Kit offers is different mounting on top of rafter not allowing to center fan .
    Salesperson has been very responsive in dealing with , returning questions and follow up on my order.
    Delivery was easy and unloading was simple considering the size
  • 10x12 Western red cedar

    by Jennifer Salmon of San Jose, CA on 6/9/16
    The kit was so well made. Every piece of wood was plane and cut to perfectly fit. The finished product is sturdy and beautiful.
    All of the finishing touches like the curved corner supports, the decorative cut on the overhangs and the boxes at the post base really make a difference. We are beyond happy with our purchase.
    We could have paid a contractor 3 times as much for a product half as good. The fact that we built it ourselves makes it even better. We highly recommend the product.
    Delivery was on time and communicated well that we would have to unload the truck ourselves. The assembly was the easiest thing I've ever put together despite the huge size of the project. A lot of thought obviously went into making it easy to put together. There were also scored marks where we had to attach pieces so that the finished product came out perfectly aligned. The quality of the cuts and wood also meant that there was never even one piece that didn't fit where it should. A+
  • Fiberglass

    by Chris Borgeson of St. Thoms, USVI on 3/2/16
    It looks well made
    Assembly was straight forward
  • Western Red Cedar

    by - of - on 1/24/16
    We wanted shade on our roof top terrace. The pergola turned out beautifully! We are in love. Everything was packaged perfectly. We had lots of instruction for assembly. Excellent customer service.
  • Arched cedar

    by - of - on 11/30/15
    The purgola is very nice. It makes our backyard look 100% better. We also purchased the canvas top plus one wall with shutters and couldnt be happier.
    Delivery driver was proffessional and the purgola was so easy to assemble
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