• 16x20 Modern Fiberglass

    by Jason Decker of Royersford, PA on 1/9/2023
    We purchased a 16X20 fiberglass louvered pergola with custom paint. We installed it ourselves with the help of one other person. Pretty easy to assemble and looks great. We receive compliments all the time about it.
    Great product and their customer service is top notch. Everyone I dealt with was courtious, professional and helpful. I would absolutely recommend purchasing a kit from PKUSA.
  • 12x12 Gazebo with deck & screens

    by Renee Houser of Columbus, OH on 12/7/2022 3:54:00 PM
    We purchased our gazebo in 2020, and we're still enjoying it. Fred made the design and purchase process a pleasure, and the delivery and installation were fast and flawless (We used the company's crew to install).
    I have since stained it gray, but it has held up structurally very well.
    I wish I could give 10 stars to Pergolakits USA!
  • 15x15 Serenity Vinyl Pergola

    by Katrina Couch of Kingman, AZ on 8/19/2022
    It took a while to get it, but it was easy for my husband and I to build. After building it it look great, but eventually we noticed one of the pine posts had bowed and we asked for a replacement.
    We received it just this week via FedEx and we will be replacing the bowed pine in a couple days.
    Thank you
  • 12 x 12 Classic Cedar

    by Leonard Bashford of Seward, NE on 8/20/2022
    The pergola was delivered in a very nice compact package. The assembly was accomplished without a hitch as instructions were very good. The footings were in place before delivery, dimensions were as per the drawing.
    It is very nice to sit under the pergola with hanging plants and other niceties.
    Why is it better than an uncovered patio? I don't know, but it is!
  • 12x22 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Dan Smail of Magnolia, TX on 8/31/2022
    I ordered a 12’x22’ western red pergola. The kit was super easy to work with and easy to assemble. Every notch, marking and predrilled hole were spot on. A buddy helped me erect the posts and beams and I completed everything else single handedly.
    Entire project took me about 8-9 hours with breaks. The value in having somebody else designing, prefab, culling, prestaining and delivering the materials cannot be overestimated.
    Easy to build, great price and looks fantastic!!
  • 12x24 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Bridget Bogust of Sanluis Obispo, CA on 8/24/2022
    We absolutely love our pergola and are so pleased with how beautiful it turned out. It has added $$$$ of value to our home.
    We were able to place the Pergola about a foot and a half away from our house so that the roofline edge is 4 inches from the wall; the shed style Pergola works perfectly. It looks like it was meant to be part of the house.
    People have asked me why the builders didn’t put a pergola like ours on every house. I know we are the envy of the neighborhood.
    I am that I selected pergola kits USA; The quality, price and customer service five star all the way
  • 7x20 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Gerardo Capo of Montclair, NJ on 10/24/2022
    We love our Pergola. It was easy to install and looks very handsome in our backyard. We ordered it custom to the size we needed and it worked perfectly.
  • 20x24 Cedar Hip Pavilion

    by Albert Burnett of Lubback, TX on 8/24/2022
    The pavilion is an excellent designed and engineered structure. Our pavilion has easily stood up to the extreme weather of Lubbock TX.
    We were originally going to erect the pavilion ourselves; however, we realized we were in our 60’s, not our 20’s so we hired a couple of young construction workers to put up the structure. They had the 20’x24’ pavilion in 2 1/2 days.
    We are very happy with our decision to purchase our pavilion.
  • 22x48 Grand Cedar Pavilion

    by Jack Braden of Peachtree Corners, GA on 8/20/2022
    A+! Working with Pergola Kits USA was an absolute pleasure. These guys are awesome! They go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly.
    I worked closely with these guys to design a gigantic custom RV carport made of stained western cedar with a brown metal roof. It measures 24-ft wide x 48-ft long x 14-ft high (clearance).
  • 16x32 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Matthew Moschella of Jersey City, NJ on 8/20/2022
    The structure has helped our business grow tremendously. Terrific quality and service thank you very much, Amos and team.
  • 13'5" x 11'10" Arched Cedar Pergola

    by Kortny Hall of Severna Park, MD on 8/21/2022
    We could not be happier with our pergola, including ordering/customer support, delivery, and build instructions - and now, more than a year later, we are still so pleased with our choice.
    We purchased the arched top pergola and the measurements were exactly as specified,
    which made the fit to our pre-installed patio area absolutely perfect! That was a bit worry as anything off would have made installation difficult and the look would have been off.I would recommend Pergola Kits USA to anyone and everyone.
    Thank you!
  • Quite happy

    by - of - on 10/3/2022
    Amos was fantastic—he was thorough and very patient. Ordering was easy with a 12-week lead time, which thankfully was our saving grace. Two weeks after placing the pergola order we realized that our 14' custom kitchen island was actually 15'.
    Normally getting one extra foot free is great but it meant the end posts would have to in the island, and due to the width, meant a possible set of extra posts in the middle of the Island.
    Panicked, I called Amos who was fantastic and worked with us to get the exact measurements to avoid the middle posts (we had an 1” to spare).
    The cedar quality was good although I expected it to be beefier, easy assembly (3 people) and it comes with 4 pieces of wood to build a box to help keep your pergola square.
    I ordered the electrical box (EB) which came affixed to a flat grooved (to hide wiring) piece of cedar to run 120V for pendant lights. We screwed the post into 2' concrete footers covered with pavers so its quite sturdy.
    We are quite happy with our purchase!
  • 12x22 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Robert Cooper of Fort Branch, IN on 8/20/2022
    We absolutely love our pergola! It makes such a nice addition to our backyard patio. And ads real beauty to the house. I was very impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship of the kit.
    All of the prices fit together just as described; no cutting or fiddling with pieces to get them to fit. All of our friends and family enjoy the pergola and are also veryImpressed with the quality, construction and overall look.
    We are very pleased with the pergola itself and with your company. Everyone we talked with was very friendly and knowledgeable, all the way down to the delivery. We take every opportunity to recommend pergolakitsusa.
    com to anyone who asks about our pergola.
  • 12x16 Cedar Gable Pavilion

    by Gary Bowling of Rocky Mount, VA on 8/19/2022
    Best addition we have made in our 30 years of renovations to our home. All our neighbors are jeal. Our front porch is feeling neglected
  • 14x16 Cedar Hip Pavilion

    by Matthew McCrary of South Lyon, MI on 8/20/2022
    Everything was great. Delivery right on time and dropped right where we needed itThe quality of the materials is top notch! Beautifully stained and mainly clear of knots and checks.
    There were a few pre cut pieces that were too long, due to the oversized posts. They were cut for length based on a 6 inch post and ours were 8 inch posts. No big deal The roof panels were just to big to handle for two guys.
    Maybe each could be made to be two panels. We needed to get two additional guys to helpOur pavilion is a wonderful addition to our backyard, lots of compliments and overall is beautiful and a real great structure.
    Definitely would recommend to anyone! South Lyon Michigan
  • 11'6"x16 Classic Vinyl Pergola

    by Mary Tipon of Lowell, IN on 8/20/2022
    We absolutely love our pergola! The quality is outstanding, and adding cover to our west facing deck has added living space to our home. The afternoon sun was punishing before we added shade and comfort!
  • 16x20 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by William Stetar of Nashville, TN on 8/20/2022
    The all around experience was 5 stars from ordering to the finished product. They helped with the design and specs since we wanted a two-car lean-to carport.
    They really build a high quality product and the instructions make assembly so much easier.
  • 16x16 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Ken Nimmer of De Pere, WI on 8/20/2022
    Two words, Love It!" The pergola was part of our backyard project transformation project. Our experience with Pergola Kits was wonderful."
    The website detailed the process nicely and when I had questions, Amos was there to help clarify or make adjustments. Our assembly person said this was a high-quality kit compared to what he has done in the past.
    Wonderful job, Pergola Kits USA!
  • 10x16 Modern Fiberglass Pergola

    by Lance Roach of Lincoln, NE on 8/22/2022
    The project turned out great!The install was pretty simple and our client loved the end result!
  • 10x14 Cedar Hip Pavilion

    by George Boshko of Huntington, NY on 9/16/2022
    The structure was very easy to install with three people and was what I expected. The quality was good and was delivered on time. The metal roof was pre-cut and fit perfectly but was still a bit of a challenge.
    Instruction was clear and customer service was helpful.I recommend.
  • well made

    by DWC of - on 8/19/2022
    The pavilion we purchased was as advertised. Well made, beautiful and the guys delivered it and put it together in no time. Amos and the rest of the team were easy to deal with to boot. I’d do it all over again.
  • 8x24 Cedar Classic Pergola with 3x12 Cedar Inline Pergola

    by Susie Tautrim of Goleta , CA on 8/20/2022
    Love this pergola (actually, two of them)! The kit came well packed. I used my tractor w/ forks on it to unload it from the delivery truck. It went very well.
    I put it on a flatbed trailer that I own and stationed it right next to the building site. I didn't get to install it for several weeks due to other projects going on, but when I did, I found all the pieces were there (no pieces missing).
    I used the brackets that came with the small structure to attach it to my concrete patio.
    However, I used some Simpson Ties that I purchased locally to secure the large pergola to the concrete 14-inch cylinder Quikrete Quik-Tubes dug 24 into the ground (6 of them). Installation went very well."
    I did it completely by myself with only about 10 minutes help from my wife who held up one end of the 2x12"x12' rafters.As you can see from the picture, the project turned out beautifully, and we enjoy it very much."
    (The artificial grass enhanced the whole area!)(You may have this project under my wife's name and email (Susie Tautrim, Samsddranch@yahoo.
  • 14x31 Fiberglass Wall-Mounted Pergola

    by Lois Cavallo of East Haddam, CT on 9/14/2022
    We purchased a customized fiberglass pergola last year and it looks amazing. Working with Pergola Kits USA was easy and personable, I worked with the same person through the whole project and they were incredibly attentive.
    It was very easy to install and we love everything about it.
  • 9x4 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Wallis Brozeman of Santa Rosa, CA on 8/20/2022
    I ordered a custom sized pergola and am very happy with it. It arrived in great condition and looks beautiful. It really makes my front patio stand out in my neighborhood
  • 12x16 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Dan Vasend of Lake Oswego, OR on 8/20/2022
    Its been one year since we built our pergola kit and the only thing we would change would have been ordering sooner! We could not be happier with the product. Ease of build and quality materials. The metal roof matches the house perfectly.
    Its the first place folks gather when going over to relax and have a drink around the fire pit underneath.
    5 stars +++
  • 10x14 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Lynn Elliott of Auburn, CA on 8/19/2022
    LOVE our pergola! We get so many compliments on it. We got the 10x14’, unstained, and I added a clear oil based UV protectant that just made the color really rich. It looks beautiful. It is extremely sturdy and well built.
    We had a handyman help us put it together- and I’m glad we did. We could not have done it ourselves. (It took him a long time to square it off and get it level on our patio). We got the electrical outlet and connected a fan to it .
    I would recommend this to anyone.
  • 9x11 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Eric Lemmer of Wauwatosa, WI on 8/19/2022
    The delivery process was excellent; they were able to deliver the parts down a narrow driveway between two houses and drop the pallet right in our garage. Assembly was simple while following the included instructions.
    Someone with handy-man or contractor experience and tools would be very helpful. The quality of materials is excellent. We've been through several seasons and there has been no degradation of the roof or the wood members.
    We had an electrician run an outlet to it and now we have lights strung for enjoyment during the evening. Our covered pavilion is a source of great pleasure for us year-round.
  • 5x13 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Jeff Barfield of Morro Bay, CA on 8/21/2022
    The pergola was easy to install, two novices put it up in 6 hours, including footing work a day before we put it up. Instructions and the frame boards to keep it square were very helpful.
    The paint color matched what was intended and the finished product looks great in our backyard and adds functionality to our patio we didn't have before.
  • 8x12 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Daniel Grosser of Philadephia, PA on 8/19/2022
    Very satisfied. Well designed kit. Sturdy, well finished, robust pergola.Easy to assemble. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.Thank you.
  • 10x14 Cedar Gable Pavilion

    by Tim Dozier of Spanish Fort, AL on 8/30/2022
    Very well built and high quality wood and materials. I’ve never built anything like this and was able to put together with assistance from a handyman.
    It took me a few weekends to get it built but I am very pleased with how it turned out and how sturdy it is. It’s also solid wood and very good cuts and measurements on the pre-built and packaged kit.
  • 10x12 Classic Vinyl Wall-Mounted Pergola

    by Tom Albrecht of Hudson Falls, NY on 8/29/2022
    I bought two different sizes over the past 10 years and I would recommend this product to anyone. Very easy to put together with no modifications needed with the notches or fasteners.Thank you
  • 13x16 Classic Vinyl Wall-Mounted Pergola

    by Rich Ertinger of Liverpool, NY on 8/29/2022
    I found the pergola kit relatively easy to assemble following the instructions. I think it looks great. One of the top runners arrived with some minor damage.
    I was also short four of the 4” white screws needed to attach the corner braces to the top beams. So, at present, I only have one screw inserted from each side instead of the specified two screws from each side.
    It still seems very rigid with only the single screws.I designed and fabricated some vinyl lattice panels that are suspended from the outer runners and beams at the two corner posts.
  • 12x16 Grand-Cedar Pavilion

    by Rick Hunter of Kennesaw, GA on 8/27/2022
    Extremely happy with this kit. The large posts and beams give it a very rustic solid look. Everything fit well and the assembly process was well outlined in the manual.
  • 13x17 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Jeff Davis of Pine Groove, PA on 8/22/2022
    Great experience working with the Pergola Kits USA team and love the product! Our family and friends all comment on how great it looks and how sturdy it is.
  • quality pergola

    by GJM of - on 8/22/2022
    Quality product. Had a contractor install it. Pergola was very well protected in shipment with heavy wood crating.
  • 12'8" x 16'8" Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Sam Stewart of Bentonville, AR on 8/19/2022
    A great experience start to finish! Super helpful (and patient) sales people helped me order everything just right. The delivery came surprisingly close to the initial estimate.
    The hardest thing was building the pergola, but it wasn’t so bad once I had some friends over for some beers.
  • 16x20 Serenity Vinyl Pergola

    by Dean Soares of Elizabeth, NJ on 8/21/2022
    Great product good quality over all Installation was straight forward and the service was good
  • 12x14 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by James Robinson of Palm Coast, FL on 8/19/2022
    Fantastic product. Arrived ready to assemble. Took 3.5 hrs with 2 people. Great customer service.
  • 22x17 PT Pine Gable Wall-Mounted Pavilion

    by Bren Wade of Cocoa Beach, FL on 8/21/2022
    I purchsed a custom PTP pavillion that attaches to my concrete block home in Cocoa Beach, FL. You can see photos on this website.
    Because of the custom nature of the project, there was a lot of back and forth and PKUSA was very good about communicating with me. The delivery came exactly when they said it would and that guy was a true professional.
    So, the parts delivered did not exactly match the packing list/parts expected and I will say that sorting through what was delivered and trying to identify what each one was a process.
    PKUSA was very good about helping me sort out what I had vs what I should have. Again, this was a custom project. The lumber was some of the nicest wood I've aver worked with - you would never find stuff this nice at L0w&s or H0m& D&p0t.
    If you are doing this yourself, Get a good crew together to help. The other thing we did was paint the peicese we were going to paint prior to the build.
    Let me just say this - we absolutely LOVE hanging out under this pavilion! I have added a mini-fridge and counter top and big screen TV, and we are out there for coffee in the morning, lunch at noon and cocktails at sunset.
  • custom structure

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    The custom pergola we bought met all of our expectations. It was well made. All pieces for assembly were present. The color we picked was just right. And importantly, a friend and I erected/assembled it...
    it took a bit of time to do so, but it went together perfectly. I would do it all over again.
  • Five stars

    by - of - on 8/20/2022
    The kit is well package and easy to follow the assembly instructions. Everything needed is included in the kit. I'm very pleased with the results. The folks at Pergola are very professional and courteous.
  • 22x18 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Jack Prock of Auburn, CA on 8/20/2022
    Pergola went together in a few, and was able to put together by myself. Looks great.
  • 15x17 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by David Williams of Fife, WA on 8/19/2022
    I have mixed feelings with the pavilion. The kit was easy to install and it’s beautiful, but the center is sagging. I’m thinking about adding some posts to the center to help support it.
  • 10x24 Classic Vinyl Pergola

    by Winnifred Warner of Cedar City, UT on 8/19/2022
    We love our Pergola! The service was very good, from the time we placed the order, through delivery. Instructions for putting it together were very clear and easy to follow. It has really enhanced the look of our backyard!
  • 12 x 12 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by John Randell of Alameda, CA on 8/20/2022
    We are very happy with our pergola it looks great. The cedar is beautiful and was in perfect shape when we unpacked for assembly. The instructions where awesome and easy to follow and I believe your employee’s where in the illustrations.
    The kit was shipped with a full quart of matching stain which will be nice for next year to restrain. We ordered our kit prestained.
    the hardest part of the entire build was putting in the footers to anchor the unit
  • 10x12 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Ryan Davis of Mint Hill, NC on 8/19/2022
    Excellent experience with delivery, installation and sales communication. I was very surprised how well everything was handled logistically and how easy it was to put together.
    We opt'd for the extra windproofing mounts and were very happy with materials and installation.
  • 11x13 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Kathy Behnken of Rocky Point, NC on 8/20/2022
    We love our cedar pergola. We replaced an old treated pine one that became more maintenance than it was worth.We stained/sealed it before we put it up. Took 2 old guys (65+92) about 8 hours ,most of that was getting the posts in and level.
    Instructions were perfect.It still smells nice. We added a trellis on the side.Delivered into our garage by a really nice man with a fabulous trailer that moved it where he wanted it.
  • 8x12 Cedar Gable Pavilion

    by Robert Jacobs of Paso Robles, CA on 8/20/2022
    The pavilion arrived on time and as promised. I am very impressed with the product fit, finish and wood quality. I would certainly purchase another product from Pergola Kits USA if the need presents itself.
    Customer service and follow up was excellent.
  • 12x14 Cedar Gable Pavilion

    by Jenny Baxter of Concord, CA on 8/19/2022
    We absolutely love our new pavilion. From the design to the finish, it is perfect. The staff were very helpful with any questions we had and delivery was flawless. We'll absolutely be recommending to all our friends and family.
  • wonderful

    by KZ of Glasgow, MT- on 8/19/2022
    I purchased my 14 x 14 pavilion in the summer of 2021.
    It was a wonderful experience working with this team of professionals! I live in Montana,
    so it was quite a feat getting it all the way to my home! Everyone took the time to make sure that everything was correct and to my liking before it was shipped, down to every detail.
    Since it arrived in the fall, we decided to wait to put it together in the spring. We had a contractor construct it for us, and assembly went very well. They were quite impressed with the quality of it.
    We will get many years of enjoyment out of it! We love it! This company is top notch!
  • 10x14 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by C.J. Ancira of Sealy, TX on 8/19/2022
    This was a wonderful experience and can't tell you how much I LOVE the pergola. It is exactly what I wanted, is beautiful and arrived earlier than I expected. Which was great. Everyone was lovely to work with.
    The communication and attention to detail was perfect.
  • great experience

    by - of - on 8/22/2022
    Overall a great experience Thomas St. Jean and Alyssa Moreno were both extremely helpful . Pavilion install went well - no issues at all.
  • wood structure

    by smd of - on 8/20/2022
    The pergola was perfectly crafted and went up to perfect square and balance. We got extra stain and the wood has preserved nicely. It has provided nice shade with the addition of a shade sale underneath and curtains in our windy back pool deck
  • 14x12 Fiberglass Freestanding

    by Arthur Gardes of Metairie, LA on 8/22/2022
    I chose the fiberglass version because I wanted the lifetime warranty offered. I worked very closely with Fred along the way and he was great.
    He helped me select all of the aspects that I wanted and even helped with the special foundation that we needed down here in New Orleans because our soil is so bad.
    The kit arrived quicker than I thought and my contractor used the easy to follow step by step directions and was able to erect in only one day.
    It is absolutely beautiful and is the focal piece of my complete renovation of my backyard which we turned into a New Orleans French Quarter courtyard. I have received many compliments on it from friends and relatives.
    If you're in the market for a pergola, I HIGHLY recommend dealing with Pergola kits USA and particularly Fred.
  • structure

    by - of - on 8/22/2022
    We were extremely happy with all aspects of the buying procedure. Everyone did an awesome job on making sure everything was correct.
  • 10x16 Classic Cedar Pergola

    by Karl Nussbaum (Jenny McNutt) of Craryville, NY on 8/22/2022
    We love the Pergola - and we loved working with Pergola Kits USA! Everyone was incredibly helpful and responsive. We totally recommend PKU!
  • well packed

    by - of - on 8/22/2022
    High quality product, packing was well done and easy to unpack for the build.
  • 8x14 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Hank Simmons of Marysville, WA on 8/19/2022
    we love the pergola. Shade in the heat, shelter in the rain and privacy from the neighbors. Easy to erect, everything fit very well. Even I could understand the instructions.
  • 12x12 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Steve Guernsey of Brazil, IN on 8/19/2022
    The shipping was the best I have ever had. Very well packaged and the driver put the entire kit exactly where I needed it. The overall quality is excellent and it looks great. Two of us built the kit with no problems. Huge thumbs up all around.
  • 12x16 Cedar Lean-To

    by Larry Clift of Richmond, KY on 8/19/2022
    We love our pergola. The kit quality and materials were top notch. Delivery and phone support were also very good. I am enjoying the shade from our pergola as I write this review. Our brick patio is much more enjoyable with the shelter and shade.
    I would definitely recommend this pergola kit.
  • 10x20 Cedar Lean-To

    by Gregory Osborne of Damascus, OR on 8/19/2022
    The pavilion was easy to build and is beautiful. Everyone that has seen the finished product comments on how much they like it. I have recommended this to several neighbors.I would love to have some side panels for additional use in winter months.
  • perfect for our patio

    by A.T. of - on 8/22/2022
    The PERFECT structure to compliment our modern patio design. Beautifully crafted! Highly recommend!
  • 12x16 Cedar Pavilion

    by Steven Crossman of Enoree, SC on 8/19/2022
    We love our pavilion and enjoy relaxing on our swing bed. Since these photos were taken, we added Mosquito Screen Curtains. They keep the wasps from building nests and the mosquitos from attacking in the evenings.
    The delivery was great- everything was packaged well. There was no damage to any of the pieces. I contracted for extra joists for the swing bed and they fit well.
    The assembly was a bit of work, especially trying to fit the roof panel on the side closest to the house. It definitely takes a few guys to do it. I recommend getting someone with some building experience to help with the assembly.
    Amos was very helpful in answering all of my questions.
    Overall, I highly recommend doing business with Pergola Kits USA!
  • 14x32 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Jessica Kelly of New Castle, CA on 8/19/2022
    We love our pergola! It has given us so much shade for our pool area where our family and friends can relax and hang out!
  • 10x10 RS Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by Berry Ives of Albuquerque, NM on 8/19/2022
    This pavilion kit is very high quality. I got it with the privacy wall on one side. It was difficult to get the last of the 3 panels making up that wall in place due to too tight tolerances, but once we got it in it looked terrific, very tight.
    Two corner braces had to be returned because they were the wrong ones, but the replacements were FedExed with no need to return the wrong ones. These folks stand behind their products.
    The shipment was on a long palette which was placed precisely where I wanted it alongside my driveway. It took two 70+ guys with some project experience about 3 days to finish the assembly.
    You will need a rotary hammer drill and an impact driver as well as a power screw driver. After installation on a concrete slab, I had the slab surfaced with a beautiful patterned Spanish porcelain tile (weather proof).
    I am extremely pleased with the final result. The pavilion is placed very close to my house so it serves also as a porch to my side door. You need about 18” of space between the posts and the house to allow space for use of power tools.
    Highly recommended if you are up to the work.
  • 12x12 Cedar Pergola

    by Gordon Sands of Foxboro, MA on 8/19/2022
    What are a wonderful experience and very easy to assemble
  • 16x18 Cedar Gable Pavilion

    by Mike Whitman of Wellesley, MA on 8/23/2022
    Fantastic experience all around! We've had our 16x18 cedar pavilion for about a year now, and everything about it is great.
    It is the centerpiece of our outdoor living area in our backyard, we use it every day, and the entire family absolutely loves it.
    I attached a gas heater to one of the beams and had a fireplace built at one end of the pavilion to enable year-round enjoyment and a wonderful atmosphere for friend gatherings or family time.
    In the age of working from home it's a great spot to use for a change of scenery and to be outside while working. We can be under it enjoying the outdoors without worrying about rain, the heat of the sun, or the glare of the sun on laptops.
    It's our new favorite place to watch TV, eat dinner, and hang out. Everyone who sees it is amazed and thinks I hired an architect and had it custom built. Several people have ordered from PergolaKitsUSA as a result of seeing our pavilion.
    The team at PergolaKitsUSA was fantastic from sales, to post-sales support, to delivery.
    PergolaKitsUSA was great to work with in customizing the dimensions (the dimensions of my pergola are not a standard in the dropdown menu on the site) and configurations.
    Additionally, my town required a permit for the structure that required engineered drawings stamped by an engineer certified in my state.
    PergolaKitsUSA engaged with an engineer on my behalf and had the drawings turned around quickly for a reasonable additional fee. Delivery went smoothly. The driver was very courteous and helpful.
    He pulled the truck into my backyard and placed the pallet directly next to the worksite.
    While I did not assemble the pavilion myself, I observed the carpenter and his helper assemble it, and from watching and speaking with him, assembly was straightforward with perfect cuts, lengths, pre-drills, and instructions.
    I am confident that with appropriate time and patience, two handy people can assemble the structure. Cedar is a great wood for the outdoors, and the materials used seem to be excellent (no issues a year in).
    I highly recommend investing in a pavilion and working with PergolaKitsUSA!
  • Custom Vinyl order and canopy

    by Joseph DeFranco of Bradley Beach, NJ on 8/21/2022
    working with your team was one of the best experiences I had in purchasing a high ticket item. I wanted a unique/custom item (2 headers on 2 walls), 16' span and a canopy running parallel to the structure.
    We worked out all the details over the phone. The measurements were exact, the shipping was on time and the quality to price ratio was great. I would recommend your company (in fact I have) to anyone looking for a quality pergola.
    I cannot comment on the installation as I did that myself.Thanks again for paying attention to details. It shows in the product and all around experience.(*) I have other pics of the installation process as well.
  • 9x16 Serenity Vinyl Pergola

    by Brian Majeres of Le Mars, IA on 8/19/2022
    We totally LOVE our pergola!!! It's a beautiful addition to our backyard. The construction of this pergola is perfection. Our contractor plan s to add one to his backyard and pool area next year!!!
  • 10x14 Cedar Traditional Pavilion

    by Karen Irby of Swartz Creek, MI on 8/19/2022
    The first pavilion was such a great experience, and it was such high quality, we bought another one to go on our pool deck. It is wonderful to be able to leave them up year round in our Michigan winters.
    Each time there were small hiccups" in material sent, but a phone call and/or email and it was taken care of immediately. Even on a Holiday one time."
    Fred is wonderful to work with and we have recommended Pergula usa to several friends who have admired both of ours.
  • 12x14 Modern Fiberglass Pergola

    by James Dixon of Canal Winchester, OH on 8/22/2022
    The pergola is just what we wanted for our new patio. Facilitating the receipt of the product was interesting, as we were not expecting such a large crate.
    Be prepared! The assembly was done by the patio contractor, and they had no experience with this style of pergola. As such, the printed instructions were a bit vague when it came to anchoring the pillars.
    After more than a year of planning, permit delays, contractor delays, and weather delays, our pergola is now up, and our patio is complete. We love being able to enjoy the summer's gentle breezes while being shaded from the sun's rays.
    Our experience with your company was wonderful. When we had questions at the time of ordering, your staff was responsive and informative. When we needed guidance during its construction, the staff's promptness kept us from a further delay.
  • 20x14 Vinyl Gable Pavilion

    by Regina Klein of Egg Harbor Township, NJ on 8/27/2022
    I have no idea what my pavilion was made of. it was made of. Why, you may ask would I not concern myself with the materials.
    It's because I completely trusted Amos to do the right thing for me and he did! I knew I made a super wise decision when I chose Pergola Kits for my Pavilion and I have had no regrets. It is absolutely wonderful.
    The team that came to my home for installation was so well organized, efficient and professional. That put it up in no time.
    My friends and family love it !!
  • 13'6"x18 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Micki Cooney of Fort Wayne, IN on 8/23/2022
    Our pergola is amazing. We knew we were going to love it but we had no idea how much. It was really easy to put it together following the instructions. It definitely requires some extra hands because it was heavy, but it went together super easy.
    It’s everything we had hoped for and more and we have been recommending this company to everyone since.
  • 10x16 Serenity Cedar Pergola

    by Robert Thorp of Conroe, TX on 8/24/2022
    We purchased a stained 10X16 pergola with 8 foot posts and standard rafter spacing and post bases. The lead time was quoted as 12 weeks and it arrived right at 11 weeks.
    Ours was shipped by shop truck to Houston, TX and the driver was able to place it squarely on 1/2 of our driveway. I unpacked, relocated and drilled the post anchors in an hour or so the first evening.
    The second day I started at 8 am and stopped at noon and completed the frame. The second day I was able to finish the rafter lattice work and complete the project.
    One of the post bases was damaged in shipping, I sent an email along with pictures and the replacement arrived early the following week. Overall the product is quality materials and construction throughout.
    There are other options available and I did quite a bit of research before this purchase.
    I would recommend this company because it is quality materials and construction and moderate price and the company was easy to deal with and customer service was very good.
  • 14x14 Grand Cedar Pavilion

    by Bryan Fulkerson of Anneta, KY on 8/19/2022
    Kit arrived complete - great fit and finish. We have enjoyed it extensively with plenty of compliments. Great investment!!!
  • 16x14 Classic Cedar Wall-Mounted Pergola

    by Dick Rogers of Dayton, WA on 8/27/2022
    The pergola we purchased is excellent. It has done exactly as we wanted by cutting down the sun and heat reflection off our house. Well made and very nice looking.
  • 10x16 Modern Fiberglass

    by Ben Newhouse of Grinnell, IA on 8/19/2022
    We absolutely love our pergola. We get tons of compliments about it each and every day.
  • High quality product

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    High quality product. Had a local contractor assemble with no problems in one day. Holding up to elements great.
  • 14x20 Fiberglass Freestanding with Infinity Canopy

    by Arthur Geyer of Groton, CT on 8/24/2022
    This pergola was a great purchase, well built and painted exactly as we requested. The directions were well written and explained, which made the assembly by my wife and myself simple. I would recommend this company and there pergolas to anyone.
    I live within a couple hundred feet from the ocean and this pergola has been able to withstand all that the New England weather has thrown at it without any issues at all.Art G.
  • 10x20 Cedar LeanTo Pavilion

    by David Arvay of Saratoga, CA on 8/19/2022
    Very impressed with our Pergola Kits Lean-To Pavilion, working with the team through the ordering and delivery process was a breeze.
    I assembled the Pavilion mostly on my own needing some help to get the cross beams installed, everything went together perfectly. Impressed with the last mile delivery as the team had a fork lift to move the material off of the truck into our yard.
    Have recommended Pergola Kits to family and Friends.
  • 14x16 Grand Cedar Pavilion

    by Mark Davis of Denver, NC on 8/19/2022
    Very happy with the quality fit, timing and shipping. I would highly recommend Pergola USA to any of my customers.
  • 14x24 Fiberglass Freestanding Pergola with Infinity Canopy

    by Geri King of Fresno, CA on 8/19/2022
    Our pergola has been up for over a year now. It was a large project utilizing the all fiberglass material factory painted. We also purchased the sun screen kit. While not cheap, the materials are first rate and the paint job was excellent.
    We had to use the heavy steel posts inside the fiberglass columns which take more time to level and manage, but again, that's the trade off for having a large project with only four columns instead of six or eight.
    Overall, we are very happy with the product and how things turned out!
  • 10x20 Classic Cedar

    by Richard Williams of Sparks, NV on 8/19/2022
    Absolutely blown away with our pergola. Delivery was simple. They unloaded the crate in our driveway. Putting it together only took 2 days by myself for a 10x20.
  • Love it

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    I love my pergola. It adds such beauty and value to my home. I receive compliments very often. I am very happy with my purchase.
  • 11'4" x 13'4" Vinyl Newport Pergola

    by Eric Plotkin of Lombard, IL on 8/19/2022
    We love our pergola from Pergola Kits USA. The buying process was very easy and Fred was super helpful in the process. Installation took about half a day and it’s now the perfect addition to our backyard.
  • Thank you

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    Once I received my Pergola went to get the great support that I received from the Pergola office was outstanding
  • Looks very nice

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    It was challenging getting the correct parts to have it installed. An additional shipment had to be sent and next got delayed by several months. The PergolaKitUSA team was very helpful and worked hard to resolve the issues we faced.
    The pergola looks very nice, endured a snowy winter with no signs of wear and tear.
  • Wound up not buying

    by Zenaida Lucuesta of Santa Clara, CA on 2/25/2022
    I was planning to buy the grand pavilion, and have spoken to Suzanne Miller, although the price is beyond my budget, I agreed because of the reviews I have read, and of course,
    all my questions being answered by Suzanne like I let her explain to me what is meant by gable roof. Suzanne Miller was the salesperson who guided me along the way, telling me that I may need a city permit.
    So, that made me stop and I went to the city who just basically told me, I cant build, because i already met the zoning requirement and I cant build another one with a roof.
    My excitement that I will be able to build this from you guys just went crushed by the city. I called Suzanne to tell her about the bad news and of course, she too was devastated.
    But of all the bad news, I am now getting the refund that I paid that I was not expecting.
    To me, $250.00 is a lot of money, that some companies will refuse to refund their customers, but dealing with such a kind hearted person, makes you believe in service excellence.
    More power to you Suzanne MIller!
  • Fiberglass Wall-Mounted Pergola

    by Donna R. of -, MA on 8/22/2022
    I was and am disappointed in the Pergola. During winter one of the decorative pieces on top of one of the columns, sled down the columns.
    I wrote customer support about this problem and I was informed to either glue the piece in place or nail it into place so it would stay up at top of column. I sent a picture, also, of the problem column.
    This means I have to get someone to come back to try and fix your problem. I did not expect something so expensive to break so soon, a few months from when installed, to break. The other column did not have the same problem.
  • Awesome

    by CM of - on 8/19/2022
    Awesome experience working with such a great company. They helped get the right size and the drawings were perfect that they sent. When the gentleman delivered the Pergola he communicated with us the whole time until he delivered it.
    When installing we had a little trouble and had to call for assistance, they were so helpful and patient explaining to us what to do so that we could get our Pergola installed correctly. Everything went so smooth and now we love our pergola.
    100% would choose them again.
  • 10x14 Serenity Cedar

    by Daveta Cooper of Ventura, CA on 1/20/2022
    The ordering process was very smooth and efficient. Suzanne Miller answered my questions promptly and thoroughly and was able to tailor my order to exactly what I was looking for. She was also a pleasure to work with.
    I have confidence that my pergola will be all that was promised.
    Thank you!Daveta Cooper
  • 10x20 Cedar Lean-To Pavilion

    by SAC of Payson, AZ on 9/27/2022
    The personnel are great, particularly sales and engineer. While I am somewhat happy with overall look, I am dissatisfied with finished quality.
    I am not satisfied with shop for cutting quality, nor quality of very expensive wood upgrade to smooth cedar. I wish I went with much cheaper pine, and painted the pergola. Beams had massively long up to 8 feet, splits up to 3/8ths wide.
    I blame this on way shop screwed the beams together, without proper gluing, proper glue would have prevented cracking.
    While I expect kiln drying at this level of expense in wood, I feel the wood was very over dried at the kiln, making many parts very brittle.
    Problems started with first delivery, the wood was waterlogged from trip on back of semi in the open, and while covered on top, the bottom was open to elements as truck drove across country,
    then they broke down and took two more weeks with wood stewing in water, swelling, then shrinking and cracking. The engineered posts, which should not ever crack, have 1/4 inch cracks.
    Also, shipment missing many structural screws, other parts to build, in other words, no real QC.
    Insult to injury, they shipped twice the amount of steel roof panels, costing me thousands in excess material I will repurpose, but a cost I did not need. Company very quick to agree to send new parts, which only took a month.
    Then when that arrived, the beams were notched in wrong spot by 3 inches, they needed to send another set. Thats when communication broke down, and it took another two months to finally get the parts I needed.
    I even asked them to send them unotched to save time, and I would notch them (no small feat), but that seemed to increase delay in shipping.
    During construction, I used all the tools to ensure plumb, squared, etc, I was within 1/16th on all sides for the framing.
    Yet, the rafters were in some cases cut 1 inch off proper dimension, requiring me to recut 14 out of 16 rafters to fit properly, but that reduced my roof size by 10sq/ft.
    Side beams required me to recut to plumb, losing another 5sq/ft of roof so braces would line up and be flush. Overall, I'm conflicted, but would recommend their product as long as you do not upgrade the wood and plan to paint yourself.
  • Impressive

    by - of - on 8/19/2022
    We have been extremely happy with our pavilion. Our builder was impressed with how complete the kit was and how well the parts fit together. Everyone who comes to visit simply loves it.
    We installed a large fan in it and we find it to be much cooler even on hot days. It has been a great addition to our property and perfect next to the pool.
    We have seen a few splits and we had a few of the timbers with some burns, but we placed them on the back side. But everything else has been spot on. I would say the company acted very professionally as well.
    If you really wants some mileage, add an outdoor fireplace, outdoor tv, and comfortable furniture.
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