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Product Description

Our Newport Pergola Kit is a big hit with customers who want a maintenance-free structure that will last decades. Sturdy extruded PVC sleeves surround treated pine timbers. The Shademax option provides 100% shade, perfect for customers in hot environments seeking shelter from the sun.

How measured and quoted: displayed sizes are to the outside face of the posts. For example, a 10'-4" x 12'-4" size measures 10ft 4in x 12ft 4in to the outside face of the posts. The rafters and runners extend past the post edge 16" on all sides, giving you a much larger coverage area. This means a 10'-4" x 12'-4" size has an overall roof span and coverage area of 13'-0" x 15'-0".

Width x Length: Width (W) = the span of the 2x6 rafters. Length (L) = the span of the 2x8 main beams.

Number of posts: beams can span 16ft from the outside face of one post to the outside face of the other. Therefore the largest size that has only four posts is a 16' x 16'. Spans longer than 16ft require a middle post.

Base Package includes:

  • All vinyl sleeves and structural inserts included
  • Structural inserts are 100% southern treated pine timbers #1 grade, air dried for superior durability
  • 2x2 top runners at 4" on center
  • The Shademax option offers 100% shade, with 1x3's at 4" on center.  This option is not available on Widths greater than 13'-4".
  • 2x6 rafters at 18" on center, notched for stability and craftsmanship to fit over 2x8 beams
  • (4) 2x8 beams, two on each side of the pergola
  • 6x6 posts 8ft tall
  • Post base trim 10 1/2" square for 6x6  posts
  • 8ft tall posts, putting the bottom of the main 2x8 beams at 7'-4"
  • Corner braces only available for square posts
  • All hardware necessary to assemble is included
  • Simpson Strongtie RPBZ post brackets (two per post) and concrete lag bolts to fasten to your foundation (wood lags also available for deck mounting)
  • If you choose the wall-mounted option, we include the ledger board (treated pine in PVC sleeve)
  • Assembly manual features photos and text for each step
  • Shop drawings for your structure (can be used for HOA approval)
  • Assembly assistance via our 1-800 number
  • 10 year warranty

Assembly time: a 12x12 size can be assembled by two tradesman in four hours. Allow eight hours for a less handy homeowner. We include an easy-to-follow assembly manual with all kits. Check out the assembly manual here.

Shipping: shipping is free to all states except AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, and WA for which a shipping charge of 5-8% applies.


  • Shademax option provides 1x3 angled top runners rather than flat 2x2's for enhanced 100% shade.  This option is not available on Widths greater than 13'-4".
  • Clay colored PVC rather than white is available for a 24% additional price
  • 10ft tall or 12ft tall posts
  • 8x8 posts
  • 10" tapered round posts available under 10' tall
  • 36" tall post base trim
  • Corner braces for taller post options
  • Napa rafter tails or Traditional rafter tails (scroll design)
  • Post base trim is 12 1/2" square for 8x8 and recessed posts


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