Lean-To Style Pavilion

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Product Description

Originally a custom request, our Lean-To style pavilion is now a standard product due to its popularity. This backyard shelter provides an open, airy design that will protect you from sun and rain.

Use it to create an outdoor living space, complete with firepit and TV. Or create an outdoor gathering place with a dining table and chairs. Some people simply use it as an escape from the hustle and bustle, and outfit it with a swinging bed and ceiling fan.

Whatever your approach, this versatile and attractive structure will function accordingly and look beautiful for decades. 

How measured and quoted: Measured and quoted to the outside face of the posts. The roof extends past the post edges 1ft in all directions. For example: a 10x12 size measures 10x12 to the outside face of the posts, and has a 12x14 roof span.  With a 10x12 Lean-To, 10' is the distance between the outside faces of the short posts to the outside faces of the tall posts (the "sides"), and 12' is the distance between the outside faces of the posts with equal heights (the "front" and "back"). 

Number of posts: The 16x18 size is the largest size with only four posts. If either dimension is larger, a middle post is required unless you upgrade to larger timber sizes.

Post Height at Lower End: Heavy Duty Post Brackets are required when post heights at the lower end are 8'-6" or greater.

Wall Mounted Option: If you are interested in a wall mounted version, please call us.

Assembly: check out our assembly manual here.

Standard Specifications for Smooth Cedar Models:

  • Ready-to-assemble kit, pre-cut, pre-drilled saves time and money
  • Durable all Western Red Cedar construction, appearance grade
  • 6x6 nominal posts (actual 5"x5") 87" tall at the low end. Height of posts at the high end varies by size.
  • Triple 2x8 beams can span up to a 18ft nominal size (i.e. 13'-2" span between corner braces)
  • 2:12 roof pitch
  • 36" tall decorative post-bottom moldings to conceal post brackets
  • Double 2x8 curved corner braces provide stability
  • 2x6 rafters 16" o.c.
  • 1x6 tongue and groove roof decking
  • 40-year metal panel roofing (choose from 20 colors)
  • Powder coated steel post-mounting brackets and all hardware (galvanized) necessary to assemble
  • Easy-to-follow assembly manual
  • All orders require the customer to review and approve a set of shop-drawings prior to fabrication
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Widths greater than 16ft and/or lengths greater than 18ft require a middle post unless you request thicker beams, 8x8 posts ($250 each), and heavy duty post brackets ($85 each).
  •  *A shipping charge of 5-8% applies to kits shipping to AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA*
Standard Specifications for Rough Sawn Cedar models:
Same as those listed above for the smooth cedar, except for the following:
  • True 6" x 6" square posts 7'4" tall at the low end. Height of posts at the high end varies by size.
  • 3x8 beams 
  • 3x8 curved corner braces provide stability
  • 3x6 rafters 16" o.c.

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