Landmark Pavilion Kit

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Product Description

Take refuge from the hot summer sun under our Landmark Pavilion. Made from 100% treated pine, our base package includes shop-applied stain, choice of metal panel or shingle roof, and a wire ready posts.

How measured and quoted: displayed sizes are the post center dimensions. For example, a 10' x 12' size measures 10ft x 12ft to the post centers, and has a roof span of 10'-11" x 12'-11".

Width x Length: Width (W) = the shorter side of the structure. Length (L) = the longer side.

Number of posts: beams can span 16ft from the outside face of one post to the outside face of the other. Therefore the largest size that has only four posts is a 16' x 16'. Spans longer than 16ft require a middle post.

Base Package includes:

  • Ready-to-assemble kit shipped direct to you nationwide
  • All 100% southern treated pine timbers #1 grade, air dried
  • 30 year architectural shingles (seven color options)
  • Option of straight or arched headers
  • Headers are (2) 2x10, (3) 2x10, and (4) 2x10 construction
  • 2x4 rafters at 24" on center
  • Double 2x4 hip rafters
  • 6x6 posts 8ft tall, bottom of the headers is at 7'-1" (taller post heights available)
  • Wire-ready posts allow you to run electric for fans, lights, outdoor TV's, etc.
  • 36" tall post base trim
  • Half-moon or straight corner braces
  • Fan base
  • 6:12 roof pitch
  • 1x6 roof decking
  • Peak roof height is 10'-8 1/2", 11'-2 1/3", and 11'-8 1/2" for the 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft nominal sizes, respectively
  • All hardware necessary to assemble is included
  • Simpson Strongtie RPBZ post brackets (two per post) and concrete lag bolts to fasten to your foundation (wood lags also available for deck mounting)
  • Assembly manual features photos and text for each step
  • Shop drawings for your structure (can be used for HOA approval)
  • Assembly assistance via our 1-800 number if necessary
  • 10 year warranty

Assembly time: a 12x12 size can be assembled by two tradesman in one day. Allow more time for a less handy homeowners. We include an easy-to-follow assembly manual with all kits. Check out our assembly manual here.

Shipping: shipping is free to all states except AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, and WA for which a shipping charge of 5-8% applies.


  • Six stain colors to choose from (price of staining is included in the advertised price)
  • Sixteen metal panel roofing colors to choose from allows you to match most any landscape
  • Six standard asphalt shingle colors, or match your own with shingle credit
  • 10ft tall or 12ft tall posts
  • 8x8 posts
  • Pagoda (double level) roof option provides a different aesthetic and added ventilation



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