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Product Description

Our Finish-It-Yourself Vinyl Pavilion is the same as our standard vinyl pavilion, with one exception: the post sleeves are Wolf Trim™ Trimboard (compare to Azek™) rather than standard vinyl sleeves, thus making all vinyl on the pavilion Wolf Trim™ Trimboard.


What this means: This means you can paint your pavilion any color you wish (hence the term “Finish-It-Yourself”). Wolf Trim™ Trimboard accepts and holds paint exceptionally well.

What is trimboard? Wolf Trim™ Trimboard is the same high-density cellular PVC that is featured on the exteriors of new home construction. It lasts decades and carries a lifetime warranty. It will not absorb moisture. It will not swell, split, rot, cup or delaminate. It is highly durable and maintenance free.

What color can I choose? You can choose virtually any color. Match your house siding, match your house trim, or choose an offset/accent color.

What type of paint should I use? Use 100% acrylic latex paint with colors having a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 55 or higher. For darker colors (LRV of 54 or lower), use paints specifically formulated for use on vinyl/PVC products. We recommend AquaSurTech™ D100.

Traditional Hip Roof Pavilion - How measured and quoted: Your roof span will be 8 1/4" larger than your size. For example, if you order a 12x14 size, the roof span measures 12'-8 1/4" x 14'-8 1/4". The post centers for a 12x14 measure 11'x13'.

Gable Roof Pavilion - How measured and quoted:Your roof span will measure 8"- 21" larger than your size. For example, if you order a 12'x 14' size, your roof span will measure 12'-8" x 15'-9". Your post centers will measure 11'x13'.

Pavilion roof types


Base package includes:

  • Ready-to-assemble kit shipped directly to you, cut to your custom size and specs
  • Structural components are all pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine #1 Grade, clear (i.e. no knots)
  • Decorative PVC components are Wolf Trim™ brand high-density cellular PVC trimboard (smooth, matte white, 5/8" thick)
  • The Wolf Trim surrounds pressure treated pine posts, beams/headers, and corner braces
  • 6" x 6" pressure treated posts
  • 4" x 8" pressure treated beams
  • Decorative top corner post moldings made of Wolf Trim™
  • Decorative post base moldings made of Wolf Trim™
  • 1" x 6" pressure treated tongue and groove roof decking
  • Standard roof pitch of 6:12 (other pitches available)
  • 30-year architectural shingles (choice of nine colors below)
  • Powder-coated brackets and stainless-steel wedge anchors to fasten posts to concrete or deck. Heavy duty brackets available as an option.
  • All hardware necessary to assemble
  • Shop drawings for you to review and approve prior to fabrication.
  • An assembly manual featuring pictures and easy to follow instructions and on-call assistance during business hours
  • 10-year warranty
  • The gable roof option includes a decorative sunburst design on the gable ends
  • *A shipping charge of 5-8% applies to kits shipping to AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA*

Popular Option:  Eliminate the middle post by upgrading to thicker timbers or engineered beams which can span a longer distance. Please call us if interested in this option.


  • For Gable Roof: 7 1/2" overhang on eaves, 14" overhang on gable ends.
  • For Traditional Roof: 7 1/2" overhang on width and length
  • Options available for extended overhangs

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