Fiberglass Pergola Kit - Wall Mounted Series

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Our wall-mounted fiberglass pergola kits are made of a structural fiberglass resin composite. Made in the USA by skilled craftsman, to your exact sizing, based on drawings approved by you. This model carries a lifetime warranty; it will not crack, warp, rot, corrode, or delaminate. Extremely strong, each column has a weight bearing capacity of over 6,000 lbs. So strong, there is no need for supporting timbers.

We can fabricate this model in any color. In fact, we can match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color code you give us.

Category: Two to eight-post pergola (depending on size), attached to home

Roof: Traditional style. Beams are 2x8, rafters 2x8, and top runners 2x2. Component spacing is variable.

Columns: You have a choice of column width and column height. Columns are available in square, round, tapered round, and fluted round shapes, at any height you need. Widths range from 8" to 12".

Material: Thermoset fiberglass, a composite of structural fiberglass and engineered resins. Made in the USA.

Color: Basic white (most popular), or any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color code. For example, here are some popular Benjamin Moore colors.

Sizes: As shown in drop down menu above, or any other size thru custom quote.

Hi Shade Option: this option gives you 2x2's at 6" on center rather than 12" on center, and rafters at 14" on center rather than 20" on center.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty, backed by the financial strength and history of HB&G Building Products, the largest column manufacturer in the world, founded in 1880. Your fiberglass pergola kit will never rust, rot, corrode, warp, or delaminate.

How measured and quoted: W x L = Rafters x Headers. Fiberglass we measure by roof span. For example, a 22x14 wall mounted size has a roof span of 22x14 and post centers of 18x12 (two foot overhang on three sides).

Two Mounting Options:

  1. Flush Mount: 2x8 rafters mounted flush into the face of the 2x8 ledger board. You will need only 8” of wall space. The bottom of the ledger board is 8" more than the post top.
  2. Top Mount: 2x8 rafters mounted on top of the 2x8 ledger board. You will need 15” of wall space. The bottom of the ledger board is level with the post top.

Fiberglass Assembly Manual


Check out our video rendering below of this model: 

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