Top Landscaping Trends

Top Landscaping Trends

Dec 16th 2020

One of the best ways to quickly add value and great curb appeal to a home is through high quality and efficient landscaping around the property. From plants, pools, fire pits, and barbecue sets, everything in your yard can either increase or decrease the value of your home, either hurting or helping your resale value no matter if you're in the market for that or not.  With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning our your landscaping renovations and upgrades to make your home look better than ever. From flower upgrades to outdoor cooking spots, these trends for the new year can spruce up your space and make your house the place to be no matter what the occasion.

One of the biggest trends for outdoor spaces is in the gardens with a healthy balance of edibles and wild flowers to your space.  Having a nice blend of local flowers and plants while having fresh fruits and vegetables growing right alongside helps with any space issues you may have trying to have separate gardens for the two, while adding great color and beauty to the space. This mix will allow your garden to have a beautiful aesthetic look to it, while providing a fresh and delicious twist to the space.

Water effects are another feature for outdoor spaces that are growing in popularity in a big way. Whether it is a fountain or waterfall spilling into your pool, or a pond or birdbath, a well placed water feature in your outdoor space can add great serenity and elegance to your landscaping.  

Another great option for upgrading your space through landscaping is by planting in your yard for privacy. Whether it is through shrubs, bushes, or trees, planting some kind of barrier around your yard can give your outdoor space a more serene and private feel to it. This will make your times at home with the family more enjoyable, while simultaneously increasing the curb appeal of the property as well. When it gets dark, you don't have to leave the space if you introduce some well lit areas. Placing lights around your pool, kitchen area, garden, and other functional spaces will give you access to the outdoor space 24/7, increasing its value even more.Landscaping trends will always be changing, but these options are sure to be a hit among your friends and families.

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