Top Gardening Trends for 2021

Top Gardening Trends for 2021

Dec 16th 2020

Gardening Trends for 2021

In this highly informative article found on, the author gives us the low down on all the latest planning and gardening trends to follow in 2021. From using Bee friendly plants, natural pest control, to creating a hedgehog friendly garden, the trend is to get back to a more natural way of gardening. Look at how you mix your plantings and let your pest control be a natural outcome of your garden mixture. Whether you plant a backyard garden, have pots on your apartment balcony or seed your front window boxes with beautiful edible plants, you’ll want to get all the information on making your gardening easier and more ecofriendly by reading the full article here.

Hot Gardening Trends

Permaculture gardening and raised garden beds are just the tip of the ice berg in hot new gardening trends according to this article by Lisa Walden for Research using the most popular hashtags on Instragram was used to uncover the next big thing in gardening. To get all the details on how to bring your garden into the New Year, read the full article here.

2021 Trends in Garden Design

In this article by Justine Guidry for, the author explains that combining beauty, and functionality are all the rage in gardening trends for 2021. From growing food in all kinds of spaces, to planting a monochromatic garden, and getting creative with containers, the eye is toward making a functional garden also a place of rest and relaxation to enjoy all year. Gardening sustainably doesn’t have to mean boring. From wildflowers to edible green cover, you can give your garden that wonderful fairyland look and still be able to harvest a great dinner. Get all the wonderful details by reading the full article here.

Biggest Home and Garden Trends for 2021

This article in includes not only garden trends but home trends for 2021.Garden fire pits, growing your own food, planting wild flowers, to having your own garden room are all predicted trends we are likely to see in 2021. Check out all of their predictions in this interesting article.

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