Outdoor Living Trends Predictions for 2021

Outdoor Living Trends Predictions for 2021

Dec 14th 2020

COVID-19 is likely to usher in "Decade of Home" according to Accenture Survey Research.

The "Decade of Home" will truly impact how we interact with our homes, backyards, gardens and neighbors. In an article written by Lauren Wicks from, predictions are made about future outdoor living trends.The outdoors has become even more important for our mental and physical health during this difficult time. Many of us are seeking more sustainable lifestyles from home as well. Eleven outdoor living trends curated by landscape architects and their garden-savvy staff are offered in this fantastic article. From outfitting outdoor living spaces for year-round use to greater interest in composting and self-sustaining gardens, these predicted trends are spot on. To read more click here.

The trend forecast continues in this article written by Sarah Finazzo for Growing your own veggies, fruits and herbs to making your front yard more connected to your neighbors are trends we are likely to see. Read more about these future predictions here.

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