Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Dec 15th 2020

What do you do when the local grocers produce selection is lacking luster? The healthy choice would be to produce your own, but if you lack the yard space, it can feel like you’re suddenly stuck between limp produce and no choice. Don’t succumb to urban myths. You can indeed farm your own produce. Perhaps it’s time to consider a vertical garden.

When you can’t grow out – grow up. Every loving creature needs, water, food, sunlight, love and a home. This concept applies not only to you, but also to your produce. The process is simple and easy to conquer. Organization is key, so the first order of the day is deciding on what you want to plant. There are a host of seed catalogs online to assist you with seeds and planting seasons. See this great post on

Space is sacred, so plan to use it wisely. This will take a little bit of research and diligence on your part. Farmers are not lazy people at all and you are about to foster a new appreciation for them in the process of cultivating your own produce. You will need to purvey your outside space during all times of the day to determine the best place to build your garden. Document your research for future recollection by taking pictures. Plan a day to wake before dawn in search of the spot that gets the early sunshine and then take pictures every 30-minutes. By doing this you can ensure that plants that need the most light are planted in the proper place for maximum thrive.

Assembling the vertical garden can be done in a myriad of cool ways. Some of the coolest green spaces are those that are constructed from recycled materials, so keep an eye out for useful discards in the neighborhood. Creative planters have utilized bathtubs, tires, coffee cans, wine barrels, home gutters, water bottles buckets, kiddie pools, dresser drawers, even shoes. Get creative in style but be particular about the soil. There are a few soils out there: potting soil, topsoil, and garden soil. Be sure to inquire about which soil is right for your vegetation.

Timing is everything when seed sewing. Most container vegetables can be started from seed, on the windowsill or under a grow-light during the colder months, however, some seeds take longer to germinate, meaning they need to be started earlier. Be sure to explore optimum seed sewing times during your seed shopping process with the trained professionals there to assist you. It will save you a lot of time and guess work.

You’ve heard the term, ‘Dynamite comes in small packages,’ well let the legend of ‘Great produce is grown in small spaces’ be the new explosive term. Be encouraged to wow your dinner guest with the freshest ingredients and the coolest vertical garden in town. Conversation will not ever go limp and you’ll have plenty of stories to tell about how therapeutic gardening has been for you. Life isn’t lack luster – neither should your produce be. Viva la vertical gardens!

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