Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas

Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas

Dec 14th 2020

To get the kids to put down the game remote and get in some real play time, we’ve put together a list of fun and affordable ideas that can turn your backyard into Neighborhood Kid Central. Many of these play areas can be made using stuff around the house!

Chalkboard Walls: Give a slab of plywood a coat of chalkboard paint (found at your local paint store or home improvement center), then mount on your fence or outdoor wall. Add a plastic container filled with different colored chalks and watch the creativity flow!

Music Wall: On a section of fence, attach pots, pans, toy xylophones…anything that will make noise! Make sure they’re low enough for little ones to reach. Wooden spoons make perfect drumsticks.

Playground Tiles: Make playtime safe with outdoor tiles that you can buy at your local home improvement center – perfect for yards with no grass!

Backyard Bowling: Recycle those water bottles by turning them into bowling pins that can be knocked down with a soccer ball (or any ball heavy enough to take down the pins). Add food coloring to the water for a little variety. Bonus: Add a glow stick to each bottle for a fun round of night bowling.

Outdoor Twister: All you need is a circle stencil and red, yellow, green and blue spray paint to create this new “twist” on a favorite family game, right in your own yard.

DIY Beach: All that time spent in a hot car stalking parking lots for a space at the beach can be spent lounging in your own tropical paradise. Simply build a large shallow box lined with plastic tarp and filled with sand. Add a kiddie pool and maybe even a beach umbrella or two. The best part: No beach sand or wet towels inside the car!

DIY Water Sprinkler: Who didn’t love playing in the sprinkler on hot summer days as a kid? Make your own sprinkler using a plastic 2-liter bottle taped securely to your garden hose. Use a nail or anything with a point to poke holes in the bottle. Turn on the water and enjoy!

Splash Pad: If a store-bought or professionally installed splash pad is out of your budget, you can make your own by laying down a large tarp and turning on the hose. You can set a sprinkler in the middle of the tarp for your own backyard mini-water park!

Backyard Camping: You can either pitch a store-bought tent or make one yourself using blankets, plastic party table cloths – whatever you have on hand. Add blankets and pillows and a plastic storage container to hold snacks, and you’re good to go!

Treehouse: Need we say more?

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