Hot Patio Cover Accessories 2015

Today, patio covers are becoming integral parts of our home's living spaces. Quite simpoly, they create outdoor rooms. Furnishing and accessorizing these outdoor rooms is just as important as setting up your living room or family room.

Patio covers can be costly, but with the right accessories, you can tremendously enhance their value. Lights, heaters, misters, and TV's are four of the best ways to extend your patio cover's utility and get much more use out of it.

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters can be used with any type of patio cover, including patio covers with solid roofs. Keep the chill off on cool evenings with an outdoor heater. Available in gas, electric or propane, these units may be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or freestanding floor models. But before you buy a ceiling or wall mounted version, check the load bearing capacity of your structure.

Wall and ceiling mount models keep floor space open and floor models are versatile and easy to move. Some units are available with remote controls so you never need to leave your comfy lounge chair to chase away the chill. Radiant, Infrared and gas burner options can deliver up to 56,000 BTUs.

Mobile models are simple for anyone to set up while models that are hardwired for power may need professional installation.

In my opinion, the best part about heaters is fall evenings. No longer will you and your guests be forced inside as the afternoon extends into evening. Just turn on the heater and lights, and let the party continue.


Weatherproof Television Sets

Watching the ball game with the guys under your patio cover while the brats are grilling is a super way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Adding a TV to your outdoor living space is something everyone in your family will love. However, it's not a wise idea to haul your spare TV outdoors and set it up.

The biggest problem with a TV outside is the temperatures your unit will be exposed to. Outdoor TVs have adequate cooling fans to keep the inner workings operating safely. They also have automatic heating to keep condensate from forming in cold conditions and they are watertight, dust and insect resistant.

Outdoor TVs also have strong anti-glare and UV-coated glass screens as well as a much higher brightness level. The sound system is also amplified for outdoor scenarios.


If running through the sprinkler is tempting you on a hot summer day, you can have all the advantages of the cooling feel of water against your skin without needing to dash around and get soaked.

A mister is the adult version of a sprinkler, and it not only cools you down on a hot day, it can also add humidity to your patio if you live in an arid climate. Refreshing for you and great for potted plants and hanging baskets you may have decorating the area.

There are two types of misters. One style is portable and sets up in minutes. The other is a misting system that is rigged around your patio. This style is a permanent setup and may be a do-it-yourself kit that is expandable. Check to see if the mister is available in colors to match your patio cover.

The misting system is a series of water jets installed in a thin water line. These are clipped or otherwise attached at high points around and through the patio and provide a constant cooling mist.

Mister fans are simple to operate. They hook up to your outdoor water supply via a hose and drip water that is sprayed by the electric fan.

Ceiling Fans

An outdoor ceiling fan is an attractive and space-saving way to have a cooling breeze regardless of Mother Nature's whim to keep the air still and stifling. Don't let another breathless summer day keep you indoors. A ceiling fan gives your patio just the right amount of breeze to make it comfortable to enjoy a meal, entertain friends or simply enjoy a sunset.

Just like any indoor fan, an outdoor ceiling fan is hardwired and screwed to a joist in your patio cover roof. Outdoor fans are damp-rated and wet-rated to be safe in the moist, outdoor environment. Many of these fans also have built-in lighting, so your outdoor ceiling fan does double duty, providing light and a cooling breeze. Big box retailers have a wide selection of ceiling fans. They also have a unique selections of patio covers.

Although ceiling fans may look best on gabled roof patio covers, they actually go well with any type of outdoor structure.

Outdoor Lighting

You have tons of options for outdoor lighting in the form of porch lights and spotlights, but have you thought about adding illumination to your patio to make it more cozy and room-like? Take your lighting from drab to wow with deck lighting that will give a cheery glow to any gathering.

With a covered deck, you can add overhead lighting, much as you would in your dining room, with an attractive, casual chandelier. You can use sconces to illuminate cozy seating areas near the wall and there are even table lamps that are rated for outdoor use. Add a string of festive party lights to give your deck an instant festival atmosphere.

Privacy Screens

Once you've covered your deck, you may want a bit of privacy from neighbors or passers-by. Your choices are limited only by your imagination. Just do an internet search for outdoor privacy screens, and you'll be amazed at the variety of styles and ideas available. Many are ready-to-use from local or online dealers while other ideas are great DIY projects.

Movable wooden shutter screens, gauzy tie-back curtains and vinyl latticework screens are only a few choices for attractive privacy for your patio or deck. Large planters with fast-growing bamboo or tall shrubs, stretched canvas panels, vine-covered trellises and frosted acrylic panels are all great ways to add texture, color and privacy to your outdoor room

Give your patio cover the homey feel of an extension to your house. You're sure to spend more time enjoying your yard, and it may give you the additional space you've needed for your growing family. An outdoor living space is great for kids to hang out, an entertainment area for the whole family or a quiet get-away when you need a moment alone.

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