World's Strangest Plants

World's Strangest Plants

Jul 21st 2015

Photo of Hericium Americanum by John Carl Jacobs via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes the world can be a pretty strange place, and the wide world of nature often shows us some of the very strangest specimens of weird life forms. If you’re looking for odd plants to keep in your garden or outdoor space, you may not want to consider these, but then again, maybe you do. They’re odd, and sometimes scary, but none of these plants will ever be considered boring. Check out all the fun and fascinating plants we found in the articles below.

Hericium Americanum

If you thought you knew what to expect from mushrooms, then you probably haven’t read this article by Micahel Kuo for yet. The photographs and naming explanation of this stunningly beautiful and truly weird mushroom specimen will have your head spinning. Found only in the United States, east of the Great Plains, this coral reef looking mushroom has gone through quite a trial when it comes to having its own name. Check out all the interesting facts about the Hericium Americanum by reading the full article here.

Botanists Discover New Rat-Eating Plant

There are all kinds of bizarre plants in this world and new ones are discovered every day. However, some of them are so strange, they defy our understanding. In this article posted on, we learn about a plant in Southeast Asia that scientists believe are rat-eating plants. Growing up to thirty centimeters in diameter, these amazing plants have a cup shaped bowl that’s filled with acids and enzymes that help it digest its prey. The cup is so large, it is thought that the plant could “eat” something as large as a rate. To find out more about this awesome meat eating plant, read the full article here.

Hydnora Africana


Not all flowers smell nice, and not all flowers are actually flowers. That may sound a bit cryptic, but when you read this article by Joseph Jameson-Gould for, you’ll understand completely. The smelly Hydnora Africana looks like a flower, but it’s actually more like a fungus and it smells a bit like something you’d probably not want to put in your favorite vase. While you may not want to keep these scaly floral anomalies in your home, you’ll definitely get a kick out of reading all about them here. Photo by Lytton John Musselman via Wikimedia Commons. 

Rafflesia, The World’s Largest Bloom

Generally when one thinks about plants, we all tend to consider the same things like a stem, leaves, roots, maybe flowers, and other typical plant type elements. However, in this article posted on we learn about an incredible plant that has almost none of these things. This awesome plant has no roots, no stem and no leaves. What it does have is the largest flower you’ve ever seen. Actually a parasite, this flower grows in the jungles of Southeast Asia and holds the record for the largest bloom in the world, weighing in at twenty found pounds and growing up to over three feet in diameter. Check out all the amazing facts on this distinct flower when you read the full article here.

Nepenthes Ampullaria

If you think all plants only maintain a “vegetarian” diet, you’d be mistaken as you’ll find out in this article by Marlis and Dennis Merbach for The rather pretty, but kind of creepy Nepenthes Ampullaria, looks like a vase built by nature, but if you look into its liquid filled interior, you’ll find not only insect bodies, but also material from other plants. Apparently, even plants can be omnivores. Find out all the fascinating facts about this very strange plant when you read the full article here

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