Pergola Canopies

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How To Order:

Step 1: Measure the space you wish to cover. Measure the Width of your pergola from inside of post to inside of post. Do the same for the Length.

Step 2: Divide the Width by 60 inches (Infinity Canopies come in sections 60 inches wide).

             Divide the Length by 22 inches (Infinity Canopies come in panels 22 inches long).

Example: Width = 157 inches / 60 = 2.61.  This means you need three sections. The third section will be cut to size and will be 36.6 inches wide (60 x .61 = 36.6). Length = 181 inches / 22 = 8.22. This means you need eight panels.

Step 3: Click here and select a fabric and color. Choose from the Phifertex and Sunbrella color options listed above. Also choose the number of sections and panels you need, as calculated in Step 1 and Step 2. All hardware is included in the price.


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