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  • 14-3" x 11'-0" roof span Red Cedar Pavilion - Traditional Roof / 6"x6" sq. columns extended length / Electrical kit / Heavy Duty Anchors / Black roof shingles / Sealant/stain combo by Sikkens #77 Red Cedar / San Rafael, CA.
  • 12x18 roof span pavilion / Traditional Roof design / Western Red Cedar/ 8x8 columns / Grand Cedar style corner braces / Brown Metal Roof option / Cedar color stain & sealant / Electrical Package / Simi Valley, CA
  • 14-3" x 11'-0" roof span Red Cedar Pavilion - Traditional Roof / 6"x6" sq. columns extended length / Electrical kit / Heavy Duty Anchors / Black roof shingles / Sealant/stain combo by Sikkens #77 Red Cedar / San Rafael, CA.
  • 14-3" x 11'-0" roof span Red Cedar Pavilion - Traditional Roof / 6"x6" sq. columns extended length / Electrical kit / Heavy Duty Anchors / Black roof shingles / Sealant/stain combo by Sikkens #77 Red Cedar / San Rafael, CA.
  • Electrical Trim Kit / San Rafael, CA.
  • 12x18 Traditional Roof Pavilion, Western Red Cedar #1 Grade, Brown metal roof, Cedar Color stain & sealant, 8in sq posts, electrical trim kit, and ceiling fan mount. Simi Valley, CA.
  • 12x18 Traditional Roof Pavilion, Western Red Cedar #1 Grade, Brown metal roof, Cedar Color stain & sealant, 8in sq posts, electrical trim kit, and ceiling fan mount. Simi Valley, CA.
  • Cedar Color stain & sealant on underside of roof, 12x18 Pavilion, Western Red Cedar wood. Simi Valley, CA.

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Red Cedar Traditional Roof Pavilion




Product Description

Our Red Cedar Pavilion is a surefire way to gather all your friends and family together in one place, your own backyard. With this beautiful structure you can enjoy all of your outdoor activities no matter what the weather entails. You can relish in a comfortable breeze while grilling outside or enjoy a shaded escape near your sunny pool. Nothing can rain on your parade! The cedar material is a terrific choice for those looking to give their outdoor environment a hint of regalness. 

How measured and quoted: Your roof span will be 8" larger than your size. For example, if you order a 12x14 size, the roof span measures 12'-8" x 14'-8". The post centers measure 11' x 13'. 

Number of columns: Roof spans of up to 18'-8" can be supported with two posts. Roof spans larger than that require a third post somewhere along the middle, unless you upgrade to heavier timbers.

Base package includes:

  • All Western Red Cedar construction, #1 Grade, kiln-dried and smooth sanded
  • Nominal 6" x 6" posts (actual 5" x 5"), 8ft high, notched 1 1/2" to accept headers
  • Powder coated L-bracket post brackets securely anchor your structure
  • Decorative post base moldings hide post brackets from view
  • Half moon corner braces (2) 2x8 provide stability
  • Massive headers - (3) 2x8 per side - can span 17ft between posts without sag
  • Roof rafters 2x4 or 2x6, depending on size ordered
  • 1x6 tongue and groove roof panels 
  • 6:12 roof pitch
  • 30 year architectural shingles - choice of twelve colors below - felt paper and staples
  • All hardware galvanized 
  • A set of shop drawings to review. Subject to any comments you have, and only after your approval of these drawings, do we begin fabrication.
  • Easy-to-follow assembly manual detailing each step
  • *Additional shipping costs apply on kits shipping to the West Coast. See checkout for amounts.*











Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty

Pergola Reviews

  • 111 out of 129 found this review to be helpful!

    five stars

    by T. MILLER of Parma, Ohio on 06/17/12

    Fiberglass 12x18. This is just what we expected. The material is dense and the structure is solid when assembled. Setup went smooth and was surprisingly easy, although it took us a fair amount of getting up and down the step ladder. The one thing we did have to do was pour footings 2x2s. Going in we thought these would be difficult but in hindsight was easy. For the holes in the footings I didn't have a 5/8ths drill bit and tried a metric size. I can tell you now use 5/8ths. Get all the dust out of the drilled hole. On the vertical posts, only finger tighten the top nut at first,this makes the install easier. You will only need two people for the in stall in fact other than the footings, my fiancee and I did everything on our own. The rafters and columns are light for their strength and easy to lift. Just make sure you have a decent cordless screwdriver.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Delivery was spot on. We live in an odd area and give special instructions to the freight company but everything went off without a hitch.

  • 99 out of 131 found this review to be helpful!

    After having over a month we are very happy

    By komek of Murfreesboro, TN on 08/01/2013

    To the entire Pergolausa team, thank you. From the selection process to drawings to the install tips. You were there. We will be sending pics tomorrow when the weather clears.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Paula followed up with us after delivery and again after installation to check on everything. Nice touch. Thank you again.

  • 102 out of 147 found this review to be helpful!

    quality workmanship

    by MAssociates of chicago, IL on 05/22/12

    Very nice piece.

    compliments to the carpenter

    straightforward assembly.

    all hardware and connect points were clearly labeled. almost didn't even need the manual once we understood the labeling

    .anchoring hardware came custom made and fit snugly

    Overhangs could be larger.

    if you appreciate fine wood its hard to see have you could go wrong with one of these

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Product arrived in two weeks from the day we ordered. I would have liked the 18 foot side without the need for a post support in the middle to open it up abit

  • 64 out of 97 found this review to be helpful!


    by josher@ of Carmel Valley on 04/12/14

    We almost reasearched ourselves into paralysis but glad we did the legwork. The craftsmanship on this model really shines through. The surfaces are smoothly sanded- We can smell the cedar. Went with the standarrd height rather than something taller for a cozier feeling. One thing I wish is that it could provide more shade as the sun moves down. so we will adda shade of some sort.

    We have used ours on chilly days/nights.My parents love reading under it or just relaxing. My dad is taking his afternoon naps. We are new to the sunbelt and want to spend time outdoors so this fits.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    It went up on a Saturday with nary a worry I am told.

  • 59 out of 81 found this review to be helpful!

    Five stars!

    by SIGRID of Long Beach on 04/16/14

    We purchased a 12 by 16 cedar based on all of our research. We have had it up for three weeks now and have had occasion to use it twice for a BBQ and a christening. Both were just dreamy owing partly to the weather but also due to the pergola and the ambiance.

    The parisian blind walls block the stiff breezes that kick up here. We are also impressed with the stability, the unit doesn’t so much as move. Next to the house the wood looked lighter so we ended up applying a stain - testing a small piece first.Now looks like the bees knees.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Paula was our advisor. She was helpful and there to guide us and answer questions. Permitting was a bear, but we got through it. We did the install ourselves very nicely if I say so myself :-)

  • 58 out of 128 found this review to be helpful!

    custom patio cover

    by Aurelio R. of Florida on 05/27/14

    *Custom size Santa Ana with different height columns to account for our patio step.
    *Fred provided the drawings. Well worth the time
    * We love the look and feel of the material finely grained rather than glossy.
    **The color matches the sample we provided.
    *Beautiful ascent to the property We have had it up for two weeks now.
    Only one to complain is our curmudgeon neighbor and everybody from my parents to my friends to the kids is always sitting under it.
    ***Our dog Sheeba has not moved from under it since we installed it

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Our contractor had mismeasured but when you told him to simply move the columns before setting he was sooo relieved (me too). That was worth its weight in gold.

  • 28 out of 45 found this review to be helpful!

    10x16 deck pergola

    By melonwarrior of Sugar Land, TX on 07/11/14

    We love our new deck pergola !! It has given us back our yard. With the new bushes it is truly a makeover and has transformed the atmosphere. The red brown metal shake looks perfect.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Went up like a dream. Took us the weekend and a case of beer and was a blast. Gracias!

  • 18 out of 38 found this review to be helpful!

    14x14 Del Mar

    by Pollster of San Jose on 03/29/15

    We are very, very satisfied with our new pergola. The redwood is simply gorgeous. The color, the finish…the pictures on the site don’t do it justice. The sealant is not glossy in fact it is unnoticable. Very nice. Came with the 15 year warranty - solid stuff.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    Oscar was a gem..his team set it up in 3 hours. In an out in a morning.

  • 5 out of 17 found this review to be helpful!


    by V. Saladino of Borrego Springs, CA on 10/17/13

    Nice product. Love the design. Would recommend for other retirees.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:


  • 5 out of 11 found this review to be helpful!

    Five STARS

    by WBBY of Carollton, TX on 04/03/15

    Hi Fred, and thank you. The Garden View 12x12 exceeded our expecations, and they were high! It looks great in our yard (pics attached).

    Thank you for insisting on review of the drawings. The adjustments were needed. We fit it onto our deck just right with no room to spare. An inch more on the cross measure would have been trouble. The latice roof provides more than enough shade for us, actually can be too much, so my husband affixed them to a frame he crafted that allows us to easily remove them.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    The larger timbers were heavy. Certainly won’t be a problem for two able men. But if you are slight of build best to have someone else do the unpacking and maneuvering.

  • 11 out of 24 found this review to be helpful!

    This pergola is very good quality. SOlid value.

    by S. Rodriguez of McAllen, Texas on 03/17/15

    It took my Dad and me a full day to assemble our unit. There was no guesswork or cutting – all the hardware and notches fit together smoothly as advertised. Very satisfied with the quality and the price.

    Delivery and Assembly Comments:

    I suggest buyers follow their tracking number and do not miss your notification call from the delivery company. I got a new phone so when our order arrived the shipping company could not get in contact with us and charged us $120 for two days storage bit of a bummer. The bags that the hardware comes in ruptured during transit and we could not locate a some of the rafter screws so I had to make some trips to the ACEhardware.

Pergola Reviews